How to Re-install Older Version of Apps on iPhone & iPad

Usually, all the latest and updated versions of apps come in existence for the better experience of user. But these latest updates are always not pleasant for the users. Some of apps get updated automatically, and when user use that updated version then they feels – Ohhhh….Old version was better than this. It occurs a lot of time with several apps and it is also possible that you have faced this type of situation ever.

How to Re-install Older Version of Apps on iPhone & iPad

And if you are searching any normal option for fix this problem then please stop trying. I am saying this because Apple doesn't let you do it in a normal manner. This is not a very difficult task but also not very easy. Alike all things, there is also an interesting solution.

Installing the older version of an app on iphone & ipad is really pretty simple, because it’s hidden under a veil of drag-n-drops and backups section. In this tutorial, I am sharing the process of Re-install Older Version of Apps on iPhone & iPad.

This process is performed by the help of backup, so you must have an older version’s backup on iTunes (Not on iCloud). If you have not a backup of that app, then you should try to ask your friends. It will be nice option for you - if they have a previous backup which also comprises the app which you need.
Instructions to re-install previous version of apps
(1) Firstly, you have to open iTunes.

(2) After that connect your iPhone/ipad and discontinue those all syncing process that fires automatically.

(3) And remove all the buggy apps from your iPhone/ipad.

(4) Now, in iTunes, make a click on the “Apps” which links from the sidebar. This option will show you the apps which are available in your last backup. (In fact, all the apps that you have installed & synced)

(5) So, it’s time to find the app of which older version you wish to install and drag-n-drop in the sidebar section of your iPhone/ipad. 

(6) And now, simply Sync your iPhone/ipad with iTunes.

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What if I don’t have a backup?
I have already mentioned in above line - This process is performed by the help of backup. So, you will have to ask any of your friends, relative or colleagues who might have a backup of that app in its older version. And it is an obvious thing that you cannot sync your iPhone/iPad on their computer or laptop, so you should simply copy that app to perform this task and follow these below mentioned steps:
  • Firstly, Click on Apps section in iTunes.
  • And find that app which you have copied and make a right-click → Show in Windows Explorer.
  • From here you’ll get the .ipa file. So, you have to Copy this file to your system.
  • Once you have copied, now you have to drag-n-drop this .ipa file on your device (iphone/ipad) in iTunes.
  • Congratulation ! you have done. 
Now, You should have the older version of the app. Enjoy the older version of app according to your wish. 

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