September 6, 2014

How to Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos in Seconds

How to create animated gifs from YouTube videos using Gif YouTube. The best way to make animated GIFs from Youtube!!

If you are a social media guy then you can notice one thing that people are much happier with animated GIFs than normal images, pictures. In these days GIFs is the best way to show any particular expressions or the matter people want to say silently.

Most of the people think that creating animated gifs is a very tough task but reality is quite different. You can create GIFs image within seconds if you are using right GIF maker tool.

If you are interested to create your own gifs using YouTube videos then Gif YouTube is the appropriate option for you. Gif YouTube is a free online animated GIFs maker tool which offers you the option to quickly create GIFs images from any YouTube video just by entering video's URL.

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With this online gif maker tool, you haven't to do any settings or follow more steps in order to create GIFs picture from YouTube videos. So, let's see the exact procedure:

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Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

At first go to YouTube and search the video from which you want to create animated GIF image. Now, copy the YouTube video URL and visit to Gif YouTube website. On the website you will see a big search box, here paste the YouTube video URL and click on the "Create Gif" button.

Important Note: Sometimes, after clicking the 'Create Gif' button if Gif YouTube says - "Please enter a valid youtube link" then remove https:// from the youtube video URL and  then click on Create Gif button. I assure you it will work fine.

Immediately, it will load the complete video along with few options such as: Title, Star Time, GIF Length. So, Add the title of the GIF you creating, select the Start time (start time can be added manually or by selecting the start point on the video progress bar) and then select the GIF length. Once all these things done, click on the button of "Create Gif" to create animated GIF.

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Just within few seconds of clicking, it will show you the prepared GIF image along with URL and several sharing options. To download the created GIF image, make a right click on the GIF and select the option of "Save Image as...” from context menu. (For instance you can see the GIF image added at the top of this article)

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You are done! Now your own created GIF image is available on your computer, you can use wherever you want to use.

Thus you can imagine about the appropriateness of Gif YouTube online tool. With this tool you can create several animated gifs from YouTube videos very easily within a short time.

Try it right now: Visit Gif YouTube website

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