How to Convert Your Email Messages or Documents into PDF Files

How to Convert Your Email Messages or Documents into PDF Files

You may notice that daily you receive or send countless email messages with different formats and when you want to convert any of these email messages in suitable format like PDF then your feel uncomfortable due to lack of respective converters.

Lots of browser based extensions and third party apps are available on web to convert email massages into PDF file but if you are using smartphone or tablet and wish to convert your email messages or office documents into PDF files very quickly then you will have to use a fast PDF conversion app.

In this post I am going to share a very simple way to convert your Email messages or documents into PDF Files. Here’s how

Convert your Emails to PDF via Email Itself
  •  Firstly, open your Email message which you want to convert in PDF format.
  • And forward that email message to as shown in below screenshot.
How to Convert Your Email Messages or Documents into PDF Files

  • Just within few seconds you will receive your file with PDF format through mail sent by the service. Email you will receive as shown below.
How to Convert Your Email Messages or Documents into PDF Files
  • Now you can download your PDF file or save to drive easily.

May be here you want to ask a question - Is it also able to convert the email messages with HTML tags? Then its answer is yes. I have already done few conversions with HTML tags and conversion was accurate.

If you want to convert any Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachment within the mail, then you will have to forward the attached file to and you will receive that file in PDF format by mail.

With other PDF converter services you will have to go on their website and download your PDF files, but with a very helpful advantage is that you receive converted PDF file by email. Simply it can be said that all conversion happens in mail, no need to visit their website to download the PDF files.

One more special thing, you can also use to retrieve the web pages as PDFs. Only you will have to send the URL of web page in the body of the email message to and you will receive the full page in PDF format in your mail.

According to the privacy policy of, it stores users email message on their server only during the PDF conversion process. So, overall we can say this is much useful service to convert Email messages, documents and web pages into PDF Files.

Try the interesting & useful service of and share your view with us through comments. You can get more useful tips and tricks, latest updates, internet tips by clicking here.

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