How to Block Harmful Websites on Your iPhone and iPad

Some day ago I have shared that how to keep your child safe on Internet and in that article it was mentioned that why and how we should use protecting apps for monitoring our children’s online activities on internet. And now I am going to discuss here about How to Block Harmful Websites on Your iPhone and iPad.

We all know that we can’t prevent completely our kids to use internet, because they learns various thing from there. But we can block certain websites on our iphone and ipad which is not suitable for them and this is the responsibility of all the parents.

So, if you think that you are also a responsible parent and care for your kids then you should use this tips and tricks for blocking certain websites on your iphone and ipad.

You have two ways to perform this action:

(1) Configure Wifi DNS: when you will configure Wifi DNS then it will block all the bad and harmful websites automatically.
(2) Use a separate browser: you will be not able to access any bad websites, if you will use a separate browser that comes with complete parental controls.

1. Configuring DNS
There are several DNS Services available that offers parental controls. OpenDNS is a nice option for you that provide complete parental controls when you use their servers. For configuring Wi-fi network to route via their servers, you will have to do following:

  • Firstly, Go to Settings → Wifi
  • And from the Wifi that is connected, just tap on the blue arrow.
  • Now, you have to change the Router and DNS servers to the ones given by the OpenDNS (or any different DNS service that you prefer to use).
  •  OpenDNS servers are: and
  • Finaly, Tap on Renew Lease (or you can switch off Wifi and switch it back on).
2. Use a third-party Browser
This is also a very nice way to block Bad and harmful websites. Here I would like to recommend the K9 Web Protector Browser that comes with a Safari-like interface but offers parental controls for blocking certain websites, for tracking several websites that are accessed and few more interesting options. Lots of popular alternatives browser are available but the K9 Web Protection Browser works just excellent.

I hope you liked this Article and feel free to share any new method that you like to use for blocking certain websites.

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