How to transfer iBooks from iPhone/iPad to Computer

We all know that importing iBooks from PC to iPhone/iPad is very easy via iTunes. It’s a not a difficult task because usually all we used to drag and drop books from the PC to iBooks file manager in iTunes while our iDevice (iPhone/iPad) is connected. And thus we never feel any difficulty in transferring iBooks from PC to iPhone/iPad.

But some times, people used to download books directly on their iPad/iPhone and start to read them on it. But one question is raising here - How to Transfer iBooks from iPhone/iPad to Computer? Then here need to know that, the Computer to iBook importing is a very easy task but for exporting you will have to perform few steps.

To transfer a file from within the depths of iBooks app, you should have a file explorer. Apple does few encryptions to the name of files and stores them within the folder of Books, like music. And in this situation, only iBooks and iTunes can read them properly and show the data.

But with the Mavericks OS X, Apple wishes to get rid of this transfer difficulty by allowing you to read iBooks on your Mac system. And for those users who aren’t using Mavericks, few steps are mentined below.
(1). Firstly, find a file explorer (iExplorer is Best option).
(2).Now, connect your iPhone/iPad device to the computer and simply fire up iExplorer
(3). Here you need to open your iPhone/iPad device as a mounted device and just navigate to: Media → Books → Purchases

The most interesting thing is that you will not be able to understand what file coincides to what book from your library. It’s because the file names are encrypted, as I have already told about. However, you can simply copy the stuff now.

This folder process provides you access to all files inclusive of .epub, .pdf and other many types that you have purchased. You might wish to perceive epub to pdf converters to build a smoothly readable copy of the epub iBooks that you have found.

About Transfer Purchases:
There was available little suggestion about transferring your iPhone or iPad purchases through iTunes, and thus you get the iBooks on your PC. The issue is, you still can not able to open them on your computer like you had opened a normal pdf file. This is the reason that no ordinary method works to transfer pdf from iBooks to computer.

The above mentioned software is available with both Mac and Windows versions. You can download from here - Download iExplorer

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