How to Use Hindi Handwriting for Search easily on Google

Recently Google has announced the support for beta version of Hindi handwriting for Android and iOS devices. The Handwrite feature allows its users to type in Hindi on the touch screen using their fingers or a stylus and the supported tool will recognize the written characters. 

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How to write in Hindi using the tool?
If you want to use this facility then you will have to follow few actions:

  • Firstly, Go to in your mobile browser.
  • And tap on “Settings” option.
  • Now, go to Search Settings and simply enable “Handwrite”.
  • After that change the language preference to Hindi and just add “Hindi” as a Language for the Search Results.
  • Once you will enable It. Then just tap on Handwrite icon to activate the Handwrite mode.

Now start the writing and below the search box you will be able to see autocomplete options. You will write a series of characters and then select the right option by the help of arrows next to the autocomplete options list for detailed queries.
Other Tips and Tricks to use Handwriting
If you want to delete letters, then just touch the “Backspace” icon situated at the bottom of the page. To start over, give a touch ‘X’ in the search box situated at the top of the page. By using the option of predicted queries which appear in the search box you can save the time of typing. You can try the symbols and special characters namely + @ & $ for preferable and faster searching.

For know more about Google Handwriting Option, you should watch this video:

This amazing Handwrite feature is currently receivable on all Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets and iOS5+ devices.

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