How Windows OS Is Better Than Android [Reasons]

It would be a difficult & vital judgment for all of us to say - Which OS is better Android or Windows? Android and Windows both operating systems have their own advantages & attraction over the other. Windows phone fans say that Windows is the best and Android users saying best about Android. But some user are still in confusion - some of them are not ready to leave the favor of Android because Android is the top most operating system now in these days and being used by the countless users. 

While some of them are ready to support Windows because it has with it has captured on the heart of countless users within a short time period by the unexpected features. But with these reasons we can't say that which is best. So I am describing this article for those users who really want to know about it.

As we all know that Microsoft windows is one of the most superlative windows OS ever. You may this check by just pick up any option of it, I can say accurately that it will surprise you by amazing look and advance feature.  But it may be a difficult task for you to think - What is the future of Windows 8 OS? 

So, firstly you should know some facts about windows 8.

Software looks
If you will pay a exact attention at the design of windows 8 Mobile OS, then you will find that It is completely separate from any other mobile OS. And whenever you make unlock the screen of an Android Smartphone, you may be able to see the apps kept on front screen by you (Only icon appears nothing else). While the Metro UI style and live tiles can provide a different look to your phone.  Some information is also available on the App other than just simple icon. That is a lot more instructive then many other simple apps.

Hardware Compatibility
Various greater version of the android is making it challenging for some smartphones to work with it smoothly. For example if you are initiating with the android's latest version and after some time they got a new version for it then your device might not be able to coexist with it. And if in case it is able to coexist then it’s not undoubtedly true that your device will perform very well.

But with windows Smartphone this option is completely different. In windows Smartphone, if you got any update then that update will be available to use for each and every smartphone.

Software Performance
If you are using Android devices then you may feel that your smartphone is creating some problem while you want to use heavy apps, which this is more irritating for you. But if you use windows then you will never suffer from this kind of problem and will be able to freely use the Apps of any type & size. The multi-tasking being supported in this OS is the reason of it. This supported feature makes more difficult to thing that your smartphone can make a halt.

Here we can take a example of Nokia’s 520 - this is the most cheapest phone in lumia series, Having a dual core processor and have shown a great performance and halt free facilities. Many users have used various heavy apps in Nokia’s 520 but they worked amazing. But if you want to try these Apps at any other Android device which is present in this range, then you will easily get a issue related to performance in it.

After knowing various features & abilities about Android or Windows, it can be clearly identify that Microsoft is doing great and instructive work with its OS. It has several awesome features and so the countless users liked it within a short time period. Once you will start to use a windows phone, you will feel temporarily silent because of surprise emotion after seeing its design, performance and lovely graphics that used in the software.

It may be - some people will think that windows have only few apps in present time, while the countless apps are available with android. But in coming days you will see that a latest & full pack of Apps will be available on Windows and it is going to be soon.

Author's Suggestion
If you are serious skillful guy then you should buy the Windows Phone 8 from Nokia or other brands. But if you just simply like to entertain yourself then you should buy Android OS Smartphones. I am agreeing with that the Windows 8 OS phone have really several impressive features compare to Android. But this is also a reality - Android OS has become very popular among the young generation in these days. Most of them are very familiar with Android OS and willing to buy related device from it. Now it depends upon you for which intend you would like to use and buy accordingly.


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