4 Best Hidden Features in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is one of the most exciting and latest things for the people in these days. Everywhere discussion is going on about its feature. Windows 8.1 being more familiar with the users. Some people are reading, seeing and trying to use its valuable features.

Peoples want complete satisfaction and so they tries too much to find out about the things. But some of them are still not familiar with its hidden features that may be able to change their impression and observation about Windows 8.1. By the searching on web and after reading many articles they have acquired lots of information about Windows 8.1 within such a less time. But only these are not enough and they are still unknown with some hidden feature. 

As for instance- start button, Bing (Usage Rights for imageSearch), Multi window mode, Hero Search and many more other features. Now here I am going to talk about some Best Hidden Features inside the Windows 8.1 OS.
1. Boot to desktop or some other navigation settings
It may be you know that lots of unique features have been supplemented with some new flash to the taskbar and various navigation properties in windows 8.1. In this article I have already included that Windows 8.1 freely allows you to boot directly to the desktop on startup.

For knowing some latest & unique hidden features having properties of navigation in windows 8.1, simply go on the desktop and make a right-click on the taskbar and select Properties option. After selecting just click on navigation tab at the top.

Now, you will be able to see new options for disabling the various types of corners under the section of corner navigation. Although this unvarying option is also present in the modern PC Settings interface. And Under the Start Screen section, you can transfer to boot directly to the desktop or transfer to start screen with all default apps. Here, you may also make fine adjustment of other beneficial options like place the desktop background on the Start screen. 

2. Great appearance into the SkyDrive
Have you noticed? - SkyDrive is the first cloud established service through Microsoft. SkyDrive has been upgraded with several new features with intend to execute a vital role in Windows 8.1.and even the entire part of new SkyDrive interface has been upgraded with the modern PC Settings. Here you will be able to get a number of handy settings like: camera roll folder, sync and many others.

If you are willing to use these hidden features of SkyDrive app, then you will have to go for charm bar and select Settings option. Next, make a click on Change PC Settings. And From the menu bar, just select the option of SkyDrive and select Files in the left-hand menu bar. After the selecting files, here you will be able to get the storing facility of documents and snapshots from your folder of Camera Roll to the SkyDrive by default.

3. How to Shut Down from the Start button
As you have used in windows 8 OS - During the shut down your system you have used to swipe through a multi click manner with the charms bar. The Start menu option of windows 8 is back but as a Start button in windows 8.1. S o should avoid calling it Start menu.

Process of shut down windows 8.1 system from the start button
For the shut down, make a Right-click on the Start button and just hover your mouse cursor towards the lower-left side of the desktop screen. Then you will be able to see a complete pack of influence options like Shut Down, Run, Search, File Explorer and Desktop in the drop down panel. Now you may freely execute the action of shut down by hovering your mouse cursor over it just for a second.

4. How to Enable Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1 (Silence Notifications)
You have used many features of notification & alerts on Android and Apple. And Similarly the Windows 8.1 has introduced a notification and alerts based features with us. And this feature is called Quiet Hours. It extends sound alerts or notifications on your lock screen when you get a new message, calendar event and email.

You will feel that it's a awesome feature to use, because favorably the Windows 8.1 allows you to silence or active those notifications by the use of Quiet Hours settings.

Once Quiet Hours feature is enabled, it conforms that your notifications don’t create any sound or turn on the lock screen with simple light during sleep mode. Then your notifications will be automatically come back whenever you start your windows 8.1 system or the tabulated list settings of Quiet Hours are over.

For start to use Quiet Hours -You will have to Start the Settings charm option and navigate to Change PC Settings. After that, go for apps and make a click on Notifications option. There are several option will be available, so scroll down that page until you find Quiet Hours section. And once you get that section, you will be able to set any schedule time frame according to your wish. Many users have done and so you should try soon.

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