5 Other Best Tips and Tricks for Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking connection for the people in these days. People are more familiar with Facebook due to its interesting and unique features. And Facebook's developer team know very well that how to provide more benefits and comfort to the Facebook's users. For maintaining the top & best position in the field of social networking website Facebook is continuously upgrading and offering various features. But hardly all the user knows about the hidden features in Facebook.

Recently many latest features have been introduced by Facebook and countless Facebook users became surprise after see & use many of them.

Usually it may be, you are familiar with the various tasks of Facebook like: Sending request, Accepting and deleting a friend, Message & notification checking, apps management, wall & status updating. But these are not enough, because these are some basic tasks and almost all users know about these. Do you know? How to Permanently Delete Your Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

Aside from this, the development team of Facebook have modified & introduced various advance features for getting more improvements in the functional work of Facebook. And for these valuable tips and tricks, Facebook team is the winner of the countless user’s thanks. I am going to explain 5 other best Tips and Tricks introduced by the facebook - Which is still unknown for you. 

(1). How to Disable Facebook Advertisements

As we all know, advertisement is helpful to introduce & share new brands, products or many useful ideas with us. But sometimes it makes irritating. And it can be seen during the access of Facebook profile. When you use facebook then you gets various advertisements, banners, notifications and many more pictures & text. It may be the reason of highly irritation and confusion for you.

But if you want to be safe from these Advertisements and banners then you have a best option Facebook: Cleaner. It will prove helpful in disable all the useless ads and banners very easily Just by installing this tool in your browser.

(2). How to Schedule your Facebook Messages

If you want to see your all message in a proper way and like to schedule your all Facebook message in order to send messages at a decided date & time in the near future then it is possible with a online service.

"Sendible" is the online service feature which have ability to support you in sending Facebook messages to your friends, relatives and other Facebook mates at a exact decided time in the near future.


How to use this service:
(a) For get started, you should have a account on the site. If you are a new user then firstly create an account and after account creation you will have to connect to your Facebook account.
 (b) Now, you may compose a new message and may set your desired parameters.

Here you should listen carefully that "Sendible" is not a free service. You may access trail version of sensible service (Limit-only 30 days) with only some limited features. But you will not feel free to use trial version because of limited features. If you are willing to know the minimum cost of this account then it is $39.99 per month, which offers management for up to 40 different services

Instead if you are looking for another service then you should go for "Buffer". Buffer is a complete free service and will be a best choice for you.

(3). How to Place Facebook Chat to Firefox’s Sidebar

Facebook Chat is most usable feature and world-widely used to communicate with family & friends. But sometimes Facebook chat's location on facebook page may be the reason of your annoyance. 
You may feel - while you wish to read and create new messages, then you move back for that tab where the Facebook main page is loaded.
If you want to solve this situation then it can be solved on FireFox browser. You have a nice option to place the Facebook chat into your Firefox’s sidebar. And thus you will be feeling safe without any irritating movement.

Some steps for the placement:
(a) Firstly Go for top of the FireFox browser menu bar and make a click on Bookmarks menu.
 (b) After that make a right click on drop-down menu panel and choose New Bookmark option.

(c) Now insert the following given details in New Bookmark tab and accurately check the box. And finally click on Add button.


Name – Chat (Facebook)

Check –    Load this bookmark in sidebar

After complete the above mention steps, Now click on the Chat (Facebook) icon from the Bookmark’s drop-down menu bar and You may start sending messages to your friends & family.

(4). How to Download Facebook Photo Album

Now, there is no need to download photo one by one. Yes, there is a nice option available for you which will allow you to Download Facebook Photo Album.
Facebook2ZIP  is an online App that lets you to download complete photo albums from your personal Facebook account or even your friend’s profile. it will be much helpful option to backup your personal photos. Facebook2ZIP has ability to download all your photos from a certain album by just a single click. By using this App You will feel less difficulty to get the huge collection of photos from your facebook.


Steps to use:
(a) For the use of this App, You will have to go on their official website and sign in with your personal Facebook account.
(b) After the log in, select your need album and all the photos which you want to download in a ZIP archive. And then make a final click.

(5). How to Replace Facebook Theme Color

It may be, you have seen and tried various link of Facebook updates for the Replacement of Facebook Theme Color. But you still not succeed to change the Facebook theme & design and using same theme & design from beginning.

It may be too good if you change the color theme and add little personal support to improve your Facebook experience journey. To solve this problem, a chrome extension is ready to Change My Facebook Color is handy. It allows you to set the color according to your wish for themes on your Facebook profile


How to do this?
(a)Firstly download this chrome extension from Chrome Web Store and just add it to your chrome browser.
(b) After that go for Google Chrome’s settings option and click for open Appearance option.
(c) And here, check the box of Always Show Bookmark Toolbar.
(d) Now just choose the recently added extension icon from the chrome extension bar which is situated at the top right corner.
(e) Next, you will have Select the color for background & foreground and simply drag the arrow icon to the bookmark toolbar.
(f) And now its time to go for Facebook and click the button from the toolbar and start enjoying with the new Facebook theme.


 Many users have already done these settings, now it's your turn to use. See some more facebook tips , latest updates, tips and tricks by clicking here.

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