µTorrent Remote for Your Android & Windows Phone

µTorrent is the most popular and valuable name which has captured a wide area of users in the field of downloading. The small size and easy features may be the reason of its popularity.

It may be, already you are using µTorrent on PCs and you are very happy from µTorrent's interesting features and service. But it would be more interesting for you when you will start to manage your torrents from anywhere by your Smartphone.

Yes, you will be surprise after see & operate this fascinating feature of µTorrent Remote. uTorrent Remote now makes it much easier for the users of uTorrent to control this app remotely. 

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About µTorrent Remote
µTorrent Remote is a secure and complete free web app for Android and Windows Phone handsets. It allows, to access μTorrent that is running on your PC -- from anywhere by the help of your Android & Windows Phone.

How to Get Start
 If you are using µTorrent Remote first time then you will have to follow some steps.
(1) Before getting started it, you will have to create an account for torrent client on your PC. Account is necessary for make sure that the access is firmly available to only you.

(2) when the account creation will be completed, you will be able to use the same credentials during the log into your Android & Windows Phones app and begin managing process of your downloads remotely.

(3) Now go for log in by this link (µTorrentRemote) and manage all things according to your wish.

How it works
After complete the all process you will have to just send a download link to your mailbox and uTorrent will automatically start your desired downloading. But it is very necessary that the Torrent client must be configured to automatically start downloading files from the directory.

 It allows you to do various things such as: start, stop, pause, and many other options. You can remove torrents that you don't wish to keep continue for the purpose of bandwidth costs savings. And you may freely see the download list along with the progress, running speed, and the calculated time to finish. And its more surprising thing for the Windows Phone user that they may shift the completed downloads to your handset for playback. The countless users are using this App, now it’s your turn to use. Lets know:How to personalize Android device's home screen.

Extra Details of µTorrent Remote
Publisher: BitTorrent, Inc.
Price: Completely Free.
Platforms: Android, Windows Phone.
Size: 270 KB – 3 MB

Get from here:
Android users: Install from here (Link).
Windows phone users: Install from here (Link).
iOS users and others: Log in directly on your internet browser(Link).

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