Transfer Messages to Secure Box on HTC One

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                           Transfer Messages to Secure Box on HTC One

The users of HTC are very happy and able to use infinite options according to their comfort and wish. But several time you felt little upset when you think about the protection of your personal data.

It may be - Sometimes you want to protect your personal & important data from the other people, which is saved in the form of inbox messages in your Smartphone. But you have no any idea about it. And this situation becomes very thinkable and stressful for you.

Then you thinks - How can I make it secure?

If you are really worried about it then no need to be more upset. Yes, HTC One introduced a tremendous option for the HTC users to prevent this kind of situation. You will surprise after know that HTC One designed by HTC which is able to offers a completely secure place to its users throughout the world and that is known as “Secure Box“.  

You may say - Secure Box is a high protected & the best option to Move your private messages to the safe place and secure from the access of everyone.

So, if you are also willing to make your “Secure Box” more protected then you will have to set a password on it. And after setting password if someone will tries to access your “Secure Box” they will be unable because the lack of password. 

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Steps for Moving messages to the secure box
Step (1): Firstly you will have to go for the “Message” option in your phone.

Step (2): Now you will have to go for its “Contacts list” that you usually use during send a message.

Step (3): After get the contacts list, you will have to select the desired contact number whose messages you want to transfer to “Secure Box”.

for the example - Suppose I use to do messaging to Maria, so, I would go for the contact list and select Maria's contact number to move all of the messages from Maria to the “Secure Box”.

Step (4): Once when you done the selecting just click on the button with three squares. It shows the options that you want to perform for moving these messages.

Step (5): When you will click, here you will see the option “Move to Secure Box“. You will have to select it.
(Note: - This option should be selected if you wish to move only selected messages from your contact list. and if you wish to move all the messages from that contact then this step is not for you.)

Step (6): Now, here a "Move" option appears. just click on “Move” option to continue the process ahead.

Step (7): After make a click one move option your selected messages (personal data) will be moved to the “Secure Box” of your HTC One within less time.

Step (8): For checking messages when you go for the “Secure Box”, then first time the system will request you for set a password on it. then you should set a specific password that will be tough to recognize or guess for others. 

Step (9): Once you have insert the password to the “Secure Box”  just press “OK” to finish this process.

Congratulation, now your all personal messages & important data has been protected from others. One thing you should notice here - you will be not able to find these messages in your inbox of HTC One. 

Thus, we can realize that HTC One removed the tension of users. please don't forget to share your view with us.

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