Facebook Extends Graph Search with U.S Launch

The new feature of Facebook is the excited discussion everywhere. Yes, I am talking about Facebook Graph Search. You all know that Facebook Graph Search is available first time for US. But Facebook is going to extend its Graph Search platform for the users who using the site in US English.
After so many question asked by the people, the company expressed that some of accurate search functionality still need more improvement for the Facebook Graph search. It will allow the users perfect search qualities like: searching for friends and any related tagged items.

The release of Facebook Graph search will be for limited users who are using Facebook in the US English, though various advance rollouts are planned.

Firstly initiated in January, the Graph Search feature will be one of the most popular and valuable feature of Facebook. It allows the users to view results established on their personal activity and choices. By the help of user’s feedback, it will explore queries and activity to deliver peerless results for each user.

By this feature you may search several information of users which is listed on their profiles (such as public photos, businesses, people, games, movies, or bands) and to parochial those searches by dates, location, or the other information on a user'sprofile.

“The results of Graph Search are personalized & infrequent for all the users and it will be founded on what has been shared with them. For instance, if you using Graph search and searching for "Photos of San Francisco,"  then you will be able to see all the photos which is taken by your friends there and shared with you, as well as Public photos,” the company said in announcing the new feature.

Here you will think - everyone will be able to get same search result?

No, all will get different results. The reason of different results is the availability of different friends in their friend list. And if friends are different then of course different photos will be shared with them. Thus everyone will get different result.

 Facebook has promoted Graph Search as a hopeful feature for users, and privacy groups have explicit aftercare over - How the new feature could impact users. The social networking giant has checked up to allays those dread by limiting the Graph Search service to impaction founded on users' privacy settings.

And In rolling out the new service, Facebook is trying to advise all the users to check their privacy settings and limit access. And it will be helpful to access the content Graph Search.

The Graph Search feature of Facebook is currently present in most desktop browsers in the US, although it's yet to build its way to Facebook's mobile app.

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