How to Lock Android Smartphone Using Fingerprint Lock Apps

Now in these days most of the people are using Android Smartphone. The new user compares the Android Smartphone with other phone but finally they select Android Smartphone to buy and use. Because the countless feature of Android phone always attracts the people.

After Buying Android phone they use various pattern lock and Password system to secure their Smartphone from unknown person to access. But you should keep in mind one thing and that is - this locking system isn't too much secure. I am saying this because; it can be easily portrait by someone while you are trying to unlock your Smartphone. Thus your Smartphone is not fully secure.

Now if you’re thinking - what we should do? Then for locking your Smartphone securely, HowToUncle is going to explained about Top 5 Fingerprint Lock Apps. These apps are easily available on the internet. By the help of these apps you can Lock or unlock your android phone using your fingerprint. i hope now you will feel secure after knowing about these amazing apps.

Top 5 Apps to Lock Your Smartphone Using Fingerprint

(1) Fingerprint Lock free: Fingerprint Lock free is the best option for you. It has a nice customizable interface and works as a lock screen. Even it can be set on your own selected wallpaper. Its setup is very simple, when you will run the app then your normal lock screen will be disable automatically until you exit the app. it is a fully secure app for your Smartphone.

(2) Fingerprint Scanner Lock: the selection of Fingerprint Scanner Lock app will provide you a surprise. By this app's name you can imagine about its high capacity of scanning your fingerprint. The using tricks for this app are - you will have to put your finger (thumb) on scanner and wait until the beam of scanner brighten three cycles. After completing three cycles you have to just remove your finger from scanner and it will unlock your Smartphone.

(3) Fingerprint Lock HD: Fingerprint Lock HD is very useful and interesting app for your Android phone. It’s a nice option for you to use this app as lock screen to your Smartphone. I assure you it will attract your attention towards self. After run this app on your Smartphone, it will look like as your normal lock screen. Fingerprint Lock HD is a very special Finger print lock/scanner app because it have a real look. It works in a perfect way with new HD displays.

(4) Metal fingerprint Security Lock: A stylish and very unique apps is Metal fingerprint Security Lock. It has an amazing unlock system.

You will have to follow these instruction for use it:

(a) Firstly, you have to set the Finger Print Phone Security program operates and press back button for starting the Fingerprint.
(b) Make sure that your phone is locked.
(c) Simply touch the lock is to unlock the fingerprint scanner.
(d) Now it’s time to place your thumb for start scanning.
(e) Wait for a while to matching your thumb. if it matched, your Smartphone will be unlock.
(f) And if match not found then just try again.

(5) Fingerprint Lock Screen Best: This is one of the best apps for the Android users. Its working style is impressive. You will have to keep prying eyes from your Android using virtual biometrics (Fingerprint Scanning) to unlock your Android devices. Fingerprint Lock Screen Best apps works by allowing access to those people which have the suitable security authorization and disclaiming those who have not.

Extra benefit of this app: If your device contains front-facing camera then security pictures can be taken with this app.

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