Droplr – Easiest way to share files with an unique links

It is possible - you have used various tools and cloud services for file sharing easily over the internet. Droplr is now an additional service that makes file sharing more easily. When the file uploaded to Droplr, then you will obtain a unique link to share. Each and every uploaded file named as a Drop.

Droplr – Easiest way to share files with an unique links

File uploading on Droplr is really very simple. You can upload file by both options; either by clicking on select a file to share now button or drag and drop the file option. i assure, you will be surprise to see the user interface of Droplr. You can freely check your Drops, modify the title and even easily delete them if you wish to.

Interesting thing is that it has both options; FREE and PAID. With a Free account you will get 1 GB storage and the limit of 25 MB per file. And no need to be worry about ads, ads will be available all around your content also with free account. While pro account has fixed the price only $3.99 per month with few amazing features like: 100 GB storage capacity, limit of 1GB per file, unique URLs along with private drops.

How to use Droplr App
Droplr is not exactly a web service. There are several apps available for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad. The service is also baked in few other well-known services or apps like Twitter cards, Tweetbot for Mac and many more! You will feel very easy during use it. When you install Windows app successfully, after that you can use the Win + W key combination to initiate the upload area at the right side of bottom. And now simply drag and drop your files here to upload to Droplr. The accurate same process proceeds to Mac app.

The customization or shortcut options are easier with Windows and Mac apps, because the Windows and Mac apps have several interesting features. You can freely move the upload zone, set the shortcuts of keyboard, add Droplr to Windows, Send To menu and many other settings!
Interesting Droplr Referral Program
It also has an amazing referral programme. If you introduce a friend to Droplr, then you and your friend will be able to get 200 MB free storage. But here a limitation of inviting your friends and that is - You can invite up to 20 friends.

Pipe for Facebook – Another app for quick file sharing
Alike Droplr, Pipe for Facebook is an interesting app that makes file sharing very easy. But Pipe doesn’t produce unique links as Droplr does. By the help of Pipe for Facebook app you can easily send the files to your Facebook friends through Facebook. It is also an amazing app. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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