How To show Your First Name Only On Facebook

We all are well known about the various interesting feature of Facebook and we always like to use it. Facebook is one of the best social networking website where we always see few unique customization and design transformation. And even user also like the changes on facebook, because changes makes them comfortable to use their facebook account.

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you have noticed - facebook doesn't allow the users to write their name on facebook profile in the absence of last name. But many users like you want to show only their first name in facebook profile, which is usually not possible without settings. So, if you are looking for some tips and tricks about - How to show Your First Name Only on Facebook, then this Article is dedicated for you only.

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Howtouncle always like to share this type of tips and tricks for you. And here in this Article I am sharing the process of enabling only first name on facebook profile. This setting is very simple and for this you will have to follow some steps as directed below.

Before follow the steps you have to keep in mind one thing and that is - this process can be performed on Mozilla Firefox browser. And I think you can easily make this setting, so let’s go towards setting without wasting the time.

Steps To show Your First Name Only on Facebook:

Step (1): Firstly, Open Mozilla Firefox and Go to Settings ->Network->Configure How Firefox Connect To The Internet (Settings). After clicking, A window will be appear as shown in below picture.

Step (2): And now you will have to tick out the option of "Use this proxy server for all protocols". And carefully add the proxy address. I am suggesting here to add Indonesia proxy address ( Port: 3128) as shown in above screenshot. If you added this proxy address and it doesn't work or working very  slow the you are free to use other proxy address, but it should be from Indonesia (source: you can search on Google, there is lot of website available from where you can get Indonesia proxy address). 

Step (3): After adding the proxy address click on Ok. Now open your facebook account and go to Account Settings. Here you will be able to see a option of "language", and you will have to change this language to "bahasha Indonesia".

Step (4): Now enter your first name and simply save it, in the absence of last name.

Congratulation, you have done the change successfully. Now your facebook profile will show your first name only. Many users has done this change, if you wish to do this on your facebook profile then do fast. feel free to share your valuable comment with us.

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