How to Enable or Disable Google Drive for Offline Use

Now in these days most of the People like to use Google Drive for the word processing, spreadsheet suite and many other works. They were using Microsoft Office from years but after becoming familiar with Google Docs, they get attracted towards it. And after using its amazing features of sharing files, making surveys and even tracking expenses, everyone likes to use it again and again. See for the example: Create your own Price Tracker using Google Docs.

But here question is - Is it possible to use Google Drive offline? Then its simple answer is Yes. Luckily, there’s a very simple way to keep continue using some features of Google Drive if you haven’t available any Internet connection.

Tips and tricks to Enable or Disable Google Drive for Offline Use

Google provides a setting and web app that allow users to view and use some files of your Drive offline. And before describing how to enable or disable it, I would like to share few things with you which is important for offline access.

  • Offline access is only accessible in Chrome and on the Chrome OS devices.
  • Offline access is receivable only for the Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • You can freely edit and create new Google documents and different presentations while offline.
  • Offline spreadsheets are accessible in view-only mode. For editing or creating new spreadsheets you will have to restore your Internet connection.

How to Enable Google Drive for Offline Use
Step 1: Firstly, got to your Drive and click on the option of More from the menu then make a click on the option of Offline from the dropdown menu. Or you can go for the offline settings by clicking here.
click on Offline

Step 2: After clicking on offline option, a page will appear and that will instruct you for downloading the Drive Chrome web app. So you have to download it. You can also get this app from here.

Drive Chrome web app

Step 3: Now, you have to go back to the Drive Offline settings. There you will see option like “Enable offline editing”, so make a click on Enable Offline button.

Drive Offline settings

Now the files will start to sync with your local computer. If you have so many files then it could take few more time to sync, but not very long time.


And when it will finish, you will see a notification at the top of your Drive page when the last sync took place.

syncing finished

How to Access Drive Files Offline
After enabling Google Drive for Offline Use, now you can access your Drive files by the help of web app that you installed in above Step 2 or also by going to the Drive website when the network connection is down.
Access Drive Files Offline

I hope, you want to know that how to know that you are using offline Drive. For this notification a small icon situated just next to your documents title that indicates you’re using offline.

Offline Notification

And when you will make any changes to these offline files, then it will also indicate that these files saved offline that you can see at the top of each document.

changes to offline files

Even you can freely create new files with the help of regular Create button.

Create button

And after re-establishing the network connection, you have to simply click on Switch to Docs online or you can also load an entirely new Google Drive page along with a refresh. Each files which you have edited or created while offline use will now sync back with the online version of Drive automatically.

Switch to Docs online

How to Disable Google Drive for Offline Use
It may be, by any reasons if you don’t wish to use Google Drive Offline then you can easily Disable it by following below mentioned steps.

Step 1: firstly, Go to your Google Drive and simply open the gears menu which is located at the top of right site and click on the option of Disable Offline.

Disable Offline

Step 2: Now you have to confirm this, so confirm by clicking button of Disable Offline Docs.

Disable Offline Docs

After Disabling these local Drive files will be removed immediately and if you wish to re-enable their offline access then you will have to repeat the above steps.

re-enable offline access

Thus we can feel that how useful is Google Drive offline. By the help of this way you will never stop the work which can be done with Google Drive due to unavailability of Internet connection. So, you should just enable it and enjoy Google Drive offline. 

Feel free to share your view with us through comments. If you want to know some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and Google Tips then Click here.

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