How to Check Your New Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake

I have seen many times, usually peoples/readers ask through comments and want to know many things related to Pen Drive or Memory Card. I noticed that one thing they asks again and again - How to Check Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake. So, I decided to share this Article for the help of people and fans of How To Uncle also.

During the purchasing of Pen Drive or Memory Card you can notice one thing that many sellers sell high data storage of pen drive or Memory Card with very cheap price.  And due to low price, people buy these cheap Pen Drive or Memory Card but after coming home when they use to copy any files then it shows error. In this situation they feel very bad or cheated.

How to Check Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake

Once I have also suffered from this situation. Trust me; this type of scams happens everywhere because people think that technology is modernizing so may be the price of these things has been low. If you want to save money then you should read - How can start to Save Money in India While Shopping Online.

So today we will know How to check your new Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake. To check the reality of your Pen Drive or Memory Card follow below mentioned steps carefully:

(1) Firstly, You have to download file from here.

(2) Now extract the downloaded file and after extracting you will get a file in .exe format.

(3) You have to make double click on it to start checking tool. After clicking tool will be appear as shown in below screenshot.
select language
(4) Here you have to select the English language from top left side and then click on Select Target button. Now select your Pen Drive or Memory Card device.

Note:One thing must keep in your mind that Pen Drive or Memory Card must be formatted before using this tool.

(5) Finally, make a click on Write + Verify button and wait for it to complete the checking process. It will take few minutes according to your drive's size.


(6) After completing, it will show you a message like completed without any errors, if you find no any error means your drive is good.

(7) And if you find errors mean your drive is fake or have some problems.

That's it! I hope it will help you a lot and you will be not cheated because you have found the simple way to easily check any drive. Try this tool and suggest your friends too.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. To know more useful tips and tricks, computer tricks, mobile tips, latest updates click here.

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