How to Fix 5 Major Annoyances of iOS 7

Fix 5 Major Annoyances of iOS 7

It has been seen many times that whenever any new operating system releases then few little problems and annoyances appear for the users. It may be due to either a complete unique and different style of that operating system or mistakenness of users. This situation is appearing with the iOS 7 also. Users are liking it very much but they are facing few annoyances and too. So I decided to share how to fix these common annoyances in this article.  
Control Center is the handy useful feature of iOS 7. By the help of Control Center you can get the quick access to several system toggles when you swipe up your finger from the bottom of the screen. It's very helpful features for the users, but all the apps can’t participate for that gesture. And it will be very difficult for you when accidentally again and again Control Center will open during playing a game or using an app.

Control Center

Control Center in apps can be very easily turned off by following these steps:  Go to Settings --> Control Center -->Access within Apps and turn off. It will still work on the home screen and lock screen but will not disturb you during playing game and using apps.

Notification Center gets a major transmutation and all the things are completely different. For instance, you have a calendar view that shows what's coming up on your calendar and also a instant brief details of the weather. And if you wish to get something just like the old Notification Center, then you'll have to do few simple changes. 

old Notification Center

Firstly, Go to Settings --> Notification Center. Now Turn off the "Today View," "Today Summary," and "Tomorrow Summary." and then set up your notifications for apps according to your wish.

Automatic App Updates is also a new feature in iOS 7 and very valuable for the users. With Automatic App Updates the iTunes downloads and updates all your apps for you silently in the background. It's really a great feature but as we all are familiar with this fact that, sometimes any app can also introduce a bug or feature that you actually don't want.

Automatic App Updates

So, if you think that Automatic App Updates is not much good for you then you can turn them off by following these steps: Go to Settings --> iTunes and App Store. And now from the list of Automatic Downloads, just turn off the "Updates" setting.

Parallax is one of the best iOS 7's features that moves home screen. The wallpaper of your phone changes (shift) automatically when you tilt your phone. It's a very interesting features, but not really useful for the users. It's distracting the users even on the large screen of an iPad and this is the reason that they are feeling uncomfortable. 


If you are also using iOS 7 and want to disable it then follow these steps: Firstly, got to Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Reduce Motion. And now turn “ON” the option of reduce motion and parallax is disabled on pour phone.

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Many people are feeling very difficulty by the contacts name format because by default, Messages no longer displays the full name of a contact. This is really nice when you have friends with vapidly long and very unusual names, but you will confuse if you know more that one people with the same name.

full name of contact

So, in this situation displaying the full name of contact is much needed. Follow these steps to display a person’s full name: Firstly, go to Settings --> Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Now just tap on the option of "Short Name" under "Contact" and make changes according to your wish.

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