November 29, 2013

How to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert

If you work on computer then during the work it may be you need to convert one file to another format such as Avi to mpeg, document to Pdf, Pdf to word or several other formats. In this situation you need a nice converter application that can very easily convert your files into Other Format according to your wish.

There are various free converter application and web application are available on internet which have ability to convert any files into other format, but it is a very difficult task for you to select the best converter from them.

So, I have decided to share a new free web application named CloudConvert. This is one of the best web apps for this purpose and that’s why I am recommending you to use this web app. it has ability to convert 140 different formats on your web browser without downloading this app on your computer or laptop.

How to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert

One most interesting part of this web app is that you can freely choose the files from your cloud account such as Dropbox, Google Drive and simply convert them without saving the files on your computer. 

There is no need to install any type of software on your laptop or computer to use this app, you have to only upload your files to CloudConvert and convert them according to your requirement. This is a nice and very easy way to convert any file such as presentations, documents, Ebooks, pictures, audio and even CAD files.

Instructions to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format
Firstly, go to CloudConvert and on the first web page of the site you will see few options like Select Files, Convert it and Start Conversation as shown in below screenshot. From the option of Select Files you can upload your files (which you want to convert) directly form your computer or you may connect your Dropbox cloud and Google Drive account for uploading the files straightly. 

For connecting Google Drive or Dropbox account you will have to complete the authorization process using your user id and password.

How to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert

There is no any limitation of file uploading, it means you can upload many files at a time to convert them. When all the files will be uploaded then you have to choose each specific output format (the format you want to receive) for the each file from the drop down menu which is located at right side. For example, see the below screenshot:

How to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert
And to start the conversion process, just click on red Start Conversion button and then the conversion process will be start immediately. Once the conversion process is finished, you will see the Download button of green color on your screen, and from here you can freely and easily download the converted format on your computer or you can send to your Google Drive, Dropbox.

How to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert
Thus you can realize the easiness and smoothness use of CloudConvert. It has no any complex function, so anyone can very easily use to convert any file into Any Other Format. You are also free to use the CloudConvert on your iPod or Android phone. You have to just go to the CloudConvert site form your mobile browser and simply convert mobile files in any other format according to your requirement.

I hope you liked this stepwise guide to Convert Any Files into Any Other Format Using CloudConvert. Don’t forget to share your valuable comments with us. You can get more useful Online Tips and tricks, Latest updates and Internet tips by clicking here.

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