How to Integrate Free Live Chat Feature on Your Site using Offerchat

There are plenty of websites are available on internet with the livechat feature. Livechat option is the need of business and service-providing websites, because it plays a vital role to increasing the business or product sales. Live chat is a very helpful option for gaining more customers. It provides your business suitable customers, provides greatly required support for users and makes your business/service more occupational.

So, if you wish to Integrate Free Live Chat Feature on your site, then a very interesting solution is available for you named Offerchat. Before talking about how to integrate Free Live Chat Feature on Your Site using Offerchat, I would like to mention about Offerchat in brief.

How to Integrate Free Live Chat Feature on Your Site using Offerchat

What is Offerchat?
Offerchat is a complete free live chat tool contemplated to help you and increase your conversion and sales with various customers. By adding the Offerchat live chat tool to your website, you’re ornamenting your visitors/customers with a live chat widget that they can freely use to communicate with you and your employees in case they have any questions that impact their purchasing verdict. Visitors may be able to use the live chat widget achievable on the website while the website owners or chat agents can login to the control panel to chat with their visitors/customers. 

To get started with this service, you need to have a website domain, an email address and a password. The integration of this live chat tool is very easy.

How to Get Started With Offerchat
(1) First of all, Sign up for a complete free account with Offerchat through your email, domain name and password.

(2) After signing up and logging in successfully, you will get a notification on your Offerchat’s dashboard for prompting you to install the Javascript code on your website.

(3) So, you will have to copy the Javascript code and just paste it into your HTML document, WordPress page, or other file which you can easily upload to your website. And if you are installing Offerchat on a single page with HTML, then be sure to paste the Javascript code in between the two "header" tags.

Account Dashboard and Other interesting Features of Offerchat

You will think here - why need to know about account dashboard? Then simple answer is that, the Offerchat account dashboard is the “main hub" for your live chat tool and the account information. So, here need to take a look at what the Offerchat account dashboard does for you:  

# Chat History
From Chat History, you will be able to view the history of the chats you and your numerous agents were besmeared in. Addition to history of chats, you can also view the visitor, the agent acquaintance, the time stamps, custom dates and times, and many more.

# Full Analytics 
Here you will be able to see the complete Analytics and daily reports of Offerchat. In other words, you will get a thorough analytic report and data dashboard very easily. You will feel, the viewing experience of its Analytics and settings are exact same to Google Analytics.

# Live Chat Agents
In this tool the Live Chat Agents option are interesting one. With the Offerchat you can immediately appoint agents to your live chat with a very simple form. From here you can select, which type of permissions they have, what websites they are in charge of, the visitor/user will be only able to access and perform a given task on the prescribed websites.

# Instant Live Chat Viewing
This is an awesome feature of Offerchat. It allows you to immediately view the current and a live chat happening right there. It means, you are free to see what’s going on live chat.

# Chat Settings
Multifarious customizable options are available with Offerchat. It means, you can customize the settings according to your wish:
=> You can easily customize and save the default opening reactions that agents may click and promptly send to the customer/visitor.
=> According to requirement, you can customize an offline message for inoperative periods, and simply set the time triggers for system to distinguish inactivity.
=> You are also free to set and enable the chat triggers, and the system will directly send custom messages to pre-qualified leads.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offerchat

  • The registration process is very simple.
  • Easier Live Chat integration.
  • complete Analytics and daily reports 
  • Quick customer service
  • Use canned responses to helping agents answer more questions within very less time.
  • Offerchat integrates with any IM clients that have ability to support XMPP or Jabber.
  • Appoint unlimited agents to communicate with customers when you’re not in the work place.
  • Does not sync with the various online chat services for instance Google Hangouts.
  • Even Offerchat cannot add agents from any synced accounts.
  • There are No particular agent profiles with bios or social links.
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