50+ Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts for you to Work Faster

We all know that Mozilla Firefox is one of the most demanding and popular web browsers in the world. People are freely using Mozilla Firefox on their Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones and Tablets etc. According to the Survey organized by Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox is third most usable web browser in the world.

Wikipedia’s Survey report of top Web Browser:
35.68% people are surfing internet through Google Chrome
31.26% people are surfing internet through Internet Explorer
22.38% people are surfing internet through Mozilla Firefox
Do you know About Mozilla Firefox?
Mozilla Firefox is an exclusive product of the Mozilla Corporation. And this Mozilla Foundation relates to category of Web Browser. Mozilla Firefox is exclusively made for various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. It has freely distributed for surfing internet. This Browser is one of the most effective and super fast open source browsers. Currently, approx 450 million users are using Mozilla Firefox in the world.

Firstly, Mozilla Firefox was introduced on November 9, 2004 in 79 different languages, which is licensed to Mozilla Public License (MPL). Mozilla Firefox is inscribed in few basic languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, XUL, XBL and CSS. One interesting thing, Mozilla Firefox is available with different size for several Operating Systems like: Microsoft Windows -18 MB, Android - 19 MB, OS X - 34 MB and Linux - 21 MB.

Interesting Features of Mozilla Firefox:
  • Option of Private Browsing.
  • Geo-Location Browsing.
  • Availability of Smart Keywords.
  • Password Manager functions.
  • Spell Checking works directly in Web pages.
  • Find feature come out with a simple keystroke.
  • Available with Super Speed and Crash Protection.
  • Bookmark Button for Manage your bookmarks.
  • Integrated Google Search and search Suggestions.
  • Easily Supports the Third-Party Extensions.
  • Download Manager (With pause and resume feature).
In above mentioned points we knew about Mozilla Firefox, now its time to know some interesting Shortcuts of Mozilla Firefox to Work Faster in web browser.

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(1) Ctrl + N: Open a New Window
(2) Ctrl + T: Open a New Tab
(3) Ctrl + L: Location Bar
(4) Ctrl + Enter: Open Location Bar in New Tab
(5) Ctrl + K: Switch to Search Bar
(6) Ctrl + E: Focus to Search bar
(7) Ctrl + O: Open a File from the local directory
(8) Ctrl + Tab or Page Down: Forward Cycle
(9) Ctrl + Tab+ Shift (or Page Up): Reverse Cycle
(10) Ctrl + 1 to 9: Switch to tab with related opening
(11) Ctrl + W: To Close the opened Window or Tab
(12) Ctrl + Shift + W: To Close the Opened Window
(13) Ctrl + P: Print
(14) Ctrl + S: To Save the Web Page to hard drive
(15) Ctrl + F: Find
(16) Ctrl + G: Find Next
(17) Ctrl + Shift + G: Find Previous
(18) Ctrl + B: To Open Bookmarked Toolbar
(19) Ctrl + I: To Open Bookmarked Items
(20) Ctrl + H: For Opening the History page
(21) Ctrl + R: Reload
(22) Ctrl + Shift + R: Reload Current Page
(23) Ctrl + U: For Opening the Page Source
(24) Ctrl + D: Bookmark Current Web Page
(25) Ctrl + Plus (+): For Increasing the Size of Text
(26) Ctrl + Equals (=): For Increasing the Size of Text
(27) Ctrl + Minus (-): For Decreasing the Size of Text
(28) Ctrl + Zero (0): For Setting the Default text Size
(29) Ctrl + M: For Opening New Message in Mail Client
(30) Ctrl + J: View Downloaded Files 
(31) Alt+ D: To Focus on the Location bar 
(32) Alt+ Left (or BackSpace): Switch to Back
(33) Alt+ Right: Switch to Forward
(34) Alt+ Home: Switch to Homepage
Note: the shortcuts from (35) to (41) is applicable for Menu Bar
(35) Alt+ F: Open File
(36) Alt+ E: Open Edit
(37) Alt+ T: Open Tools
(38) Alt+ V: Open View
(39) Alt+ H: Open Help
(40) Alt+ B: Open Bookmarks
(41) Alt+ R: Open Related Links
(42) Shift+ F3: Find Previous
(43) Shift+ F6: Switch to Previous
(44) Shift+ Enter: Open Location
(45) Shift+ Backspace: Switch Forward
(46) F3: Find
(47) F5: Reload or Refresh
(48) F6: Switch to Next
(49) Apostrophe ( ‘ ): To Find Links
(50) Esc: To Stop Loading Current Page
(51) Slash ( /): To Find Text

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