MailDrop – Generate Disposable Email That Stays Forever

You have listened and perhaps used various Disposable Emails like: 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail, TrashMail and many other. But you are still unknown from the disposable Email that stays forever. So, don’t lose the chance to know about a disposable Email that stays forever and that is possible with “MailDrop”.

MailDrop is a very special service that helps you to generate a disposable email ID. The email IDs generated by the MailDrop do not expire like other Email IDs. MailDrop service is new to this niche. Never the less, it has a graceful UI and works faultless.

This is a free service and even no need to sign up for use. Email ID creation is also very easy with MailDrop. For create an Email ID you will have to just insert your name (nickname) and voila, your Email ID has created. One interesting option is that it also provides you some suitable email ID suggestions.

Restrictions in MailDrop
No doubt this is very easy and useful service but Alike the all apps some Restrictions are also available with MailDrop as mentioned below. 

  • In this service Email IDs needs no passwords. So anybody can check out your email inbox easily.
  • The limitation of email size is only 100 kB and the attachments will be stripped off.
  • Only 10 mails can be stored at a time in your inbox.
  • All the mails present in the inbox will be deleted if your inbox doesn't receive any email within 24 hours.

Security Solution for MailDrop
As you have known that with no password option for the email IDs in this service, it’s very easy for the people to dig into your personal mail inbox. For fix this situation MailDrop has an interesting solution. The service is able to provide an Alias Address. And each email ID generated on MailDrop accomplishes with an Alias Address. So, the Email sent to the Alias Address, also it will show on the original inbox. Thus, People will be not able to see the Alias Address inbox in the absence of knowing the original address.

Note: you can see at the privacy section of MailDrop, there is one important thing stated - the process that transforms real MailDrop addresses to inbox aliases is available publicly and easily can be reverse engineered by anybody. So, it will be best for the users that not to send any sensitive news or details on MailDrop.

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