How to Easily Set up, Edit and Delete Fingerprints in iPhone 5S

These days all people are crazy to buy iPhone 5S because they don't want a little delay to enjoy the various interesting and innovative changes in this iphone. I am also a crazy fan of Apple and so want to share some tips and tricks related to the recently launched iPhone 5S.
How to Easily Set up, Edit and Delete Fingerprints in iPhone 5S

If you have purchased iPhone 5s and being confuse to set up the TouchID because you never done before then a quick and complete guide on TouchID available here for you. And by the help of this quick guide you can set up, edit, delete and manage fingerprints in TouchID very easily. Addition to these few more information about its new feature and latest updates has given below.

How to Set Up a New Fingerprint for TouchID
I hope you know that when you set up your iPhone for the first time then one finger goes already set (unless you don't choose to set up TouchID). You will surprise to know that you can freely set up five fingers for TouchID. So let's know how to add more than one fingerprint on the iPhone 5s.

  • Firstly, go to Settings and then just tap on General.
  • Now tap on the option of Passcode & Fingerprint.
  • Then tap on Fingerprints option.
  • And under Fingerprints you will see an option like Add a fingerprint…
  • So simply tap on that option to setup a new fingerprint for the TouchID.

During the set up of a new fingerprint, few important things you have to keep in your mind. Some helpful and important things are:

Please....Don’t press the home button ever during setting up the TouchID in iphone 5s.
Gently and carefully place your finger on the button. The iPhone 5s is able to process all parts of your finger very quickly. So you have to repeat the process till it asks you for changing the holding position.
 Your fingerprint runs all over the place during use and for this reason Apple wish to capture the tip of your finger also. So you will have to allow the iPhone 5s to scan the tip of your finger.

How to Edit the Name of a Fingerprint
You have seen that iOS 7 names the fingerprints with a number suffix by default such as Finger 1, Finger 2 and Finger 3……. etc. these name can confuse you during its use. But don't worry, you can very easily edit these names to much appropriate descriptions and you can make sure to know that which fingers have been scanned already or which finger still have been not scanned. To edit follow below mentioned steps:
  • Firstly, go to Settings and then General
  • After that just tap on Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Now tap on the option of Fingerprints and then tap on Edit
  • From here you can easily rename the fingerprint names
  • That’s it

How to Delete a Fingerprint
If you want to remove a fingerprint then you have to Swipe on a fingerprint and just tap on Delete. Done! Now you will see that your fingerprint has been removed successfully.

Toggle iTunes & App Store Fingerprint Certification
You can also use TouchID to make purchases instead of entering your Apple ID password. You can choose always the alternative way of authenticating the purchases (by the help of entering Apple ID password) furthermore when you have TouchID enabled already.

You can very easily turn ON or OFF this feature by following below mentioned steps: Go to Settings → General → Passcode & Fingerprint → Fingerprints → iTunes & App Store.

See: How to Easily Create a Free Apple ID

Note: If you wish to enable this feature, then you will have to firstly set up your iCloud account and also sign-in to iTunes & App Store.

How to Disable TouchID Completely
You can see that there is no any single switches/option available to disable TouchID completely. So you will have to turn off both the switches Passcode and iTunes & App Store. If you want to Disable TouchID Completely then do it now.

You can get some more interesting iphone tips and tricks, latest updates just by clicking here. Feel free to share your view with us.

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