How to Protect Gmail from Hacker and What to do if Gmail got hacked

Gmail works like a master key. I am saying this because people are using many online accounts and that all accounts are associated with a common Email id. For instance: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Orkut, Blogger, Adsense and many other Google apps are allied with a common Email id. Thus, you can realize that the protection of your Email id is how much important. 

This is really a thinkable subject - what will you do if your Google account got Hacked?
You can lose your all online accounts if you are not using highly strong password protection. And if you lost the control from your Gmail id (common email id), then it will be more easy for the hacker to hack your all other connected accounts without any difficulty.

Now here two questions occurs, first is how to Protect Gmail account from hacker and second is what to do if your Gmail account got hacked. But a nice thing is that the solutions of both questions are mentioned below.

How to Protect Gmail accounts from Hacker

(1) Firstly, You have to never use a very easy password. Always use few alphabets with few numbers and special characters to create your password. And you should also try to avoid using dictionary words.

(2) This is also a needed suggestion for you to avoid accessing your personal accounts on public computers/laptops. Because on public computers somebody can very easily trace your account’s password using the keylogger or any other unseen screen watchdog software. If you wish to know about how keylogger works for trace your password then click here.

(3) For secondary email ID, you should create another email ID on different email domain like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail etc. and connect it with your parent Email account. Secondary email ID will be helpful for you during recover your password if somebody hacks your main email account. But one thing you should always remember that never use the same password for both email IDs.

(4) Never forget to add your mobile phone number in your Gmail account and verify it by the help of the 4 or 5 digit code provided by Google on your phone. This process is named as 2-step verification. In the result of this process, Google will send you a notification message if somebody will try to change your account’s password.

(5) One more important thing, you should always check the password strength before using it in your accounts. Because if your created password is not highly strong then you have should create another password. You can check your password strength using these web pages: 
(6) And in case if hacker has been hacked your email account and you have tried your all option to recover your account but not getting success, then in that situation  you need to know some more information related to your account. By the help of filling another form you can easily get back your personal account.     

Some needed information about your account, you have to note down for making safe before hacking:
(a) You will have to know about the Month and year when you have created your account. 

(You can get this detail from the last messages present in your inbox as a Google welcome message. It was sent by Google when you created your account.)

(b) Note down the email id of that person who invited you first time, when you created the account.

(c) 5 email IDs with which you exchange emails most of the time.

(d) The name of custom label (If you have created any).

(e) DD/Month/Year when you activated to use other Google applications (For instance Orkut, Blogger, Adsense etc) on this email account.

(f) When you last used your account and what is your current password.

What to do if Gmail Account got hacked
If your account got hacked then no need to be more worry. In that condition you will have to keep patience, you can get back to access your account just by performing some more little task.

1). Firstly, go to login page and make a click on forget password link which is provided below the sign in option box and just ask Google to send a  password recovery email on your secondary email address. This time you need to check your secondary email address (which you have created on other email domain) for the recovery of main email and simply follow few very simple steps to reset your account password.

2). One very important and needed thing mentioned here and that is - what you will do if hacker have hacked your secondary email ID also or removed the secondary email Address. Instead of these entire things you have one more solution here to recover your account. You can get to access you account by filling a form (Click here to fill-up the form). And to fill this form you must have the above mentioned 6 information about your account. Once you will provide the correct information about your account to Google, then your account will come back to you in a very short time. 

I hope you will find this Article helpful to protect your account. You can get some more helpful tips and tricks and latest updates by clicking here. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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