Top 11 Tips and Tricks to Secure Online Accounts

In these days people are using various online accounts because they prefer to use various online services like: banking, online shopping, online recharges, online bill payments and many social networking accounts. We all know that password is the most important thing to protect online accounts from hackers. But we can’t say that Password is only that thing by which online accounts can be protected. 

It has been seen that some account which was used by supposedly strong password but hacked. So, for those people who have several online accounts they should employ some cautionary steps to increase their online account security. Because we all are well known - these online accounts are very valuable for us. And HowToUncle never miss to share Tips and tricks on this type of important topic. So, here in this Article we are going to share Top 11 Tips and tricks to Secure Online Accounts.

Secure Online Accounts

Top 11 Tips to Secure Online Accounts
(1).  First of all, always you should make sure that you are using the “HTTPS” feature for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or many other online services that run with HTTP. This is one of the most important things for those people who access internet on the WiFi network, it’s because the use of HTTP on Wi-Fi network can be a very easy task for any amateur hacker to use an absolute Firefox extension as firesheep to know your complete login details.

(2).  I have seen that Most of the people avoid the 2 step verification process. So, I would like to suggest all of you for using 2 step verification processes in all online accounts. For activating this process you will have to verify your account by the help of your mobile number. After registering your mobile number you will get a code on your mobile phone. And when you will insert that code at the directed place on account then your account will be protected. This function will check if anyone using your account by an unusual computer.
(3). There is also a nice advantage of 2 step verification. It is able to alert you to about the hacking attempt. For example: If somebody trying to access your personal account from a different PC then due to intention of  login as soon as they might unconsciously send the verification code to your mobile. Then you will easily know that somebody is trying to admittance your account.
(4). Facebook also offers this type of 2 step verification process to stop accessing your personal account through a different PC or Devices. You should verify your Facebook account by this process for more protection.

(5). Most of the People are using various apps on Facebook, Google etc which provides access from your personal account to third party sites. But these third party sites may be the reason of losing your account. So, you should deactivate all those apps without delay which you do not use as this ward off superfluous difficulty from suspicious third party sites.

(6). You should have two email addresses always. One email address you should use for the areas where you want to contact with people as on Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites. And the other email address you should use for more private services as banking, shopping, iTunes and many other important services. You should also try to use a separate email address when you are trying for a new online service and you are not quite sure of.

(7). Many times you use credit card during shopping or for other online service, but you don’t know about - which type of credit card you should use? So let me tell, you should always use a virtual credit card during shopping from that site which you are using first time.
(8). Always execute a mock test of what alternatives you have if you forget a password of your any online account.

(9). When you use many online accounts then it is obvious thing that you have many passwords to manage. So, in the place of using a password manager you can simply generate a single page and store your all account’s passwords. You can easily password protect this file (single page where you stored all password) and put it in the Dropbox. And that is obtainable from on all the computers.
(10). You have also a nice option – Simply create a hard copy of the above mentioned document and place it in a secure place where no any online hacker can reach. You can relate it when you forget your any account’s passwords.

(11). And one last and very important thing – you should never make your secondary personal email address (which you use for private services) as the recovery email address for your primary email address, because in the case if your first email is hacked then be sure that your second email address isn't safe also. So, always use another separate email id as a recovery address.

I hope you liked this article. please use above mention Tips and tricks and Secure your all Online Accounts. Feel free to share your valuable comment with us. you can find some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates by clicking here.

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