What is vprot.exe? And How it Can be Removed?

I have seen many queries in people’s comments like - How to stop vprot.exe which is running in Task manager on startup? 

When any unknown or new process comes out running under the process tab of Task Manager, then in this situation we all start to thinking and worrying about what program that belongs to this process.

What is vprot.exe? And How it Can be Removed?

We also guess that it could be connected to malware or virus, and our doubt gets doubled when it eats extra (more) system resources even though it is connected to a trusted program. During this period so many question comes out due to this vprot.exe. Such as: 
  • what is vprot.exe doing with the startup on your system? 
  • Which type of program is related with this process? 
  • How it can be stopped or removed from your computer?
And if you are also exited to know the answers of all these questions then this Article is suitable for you. Have a look on these questions:

What is vprot.exe?
vprot.exe is also called Vprotect  application. Some people think that vprot.exe is a virus, but in real this is not a virus and which would have installed automatically with the AVG during installation process. And it applies to AVG Antivirus Free 2014 also.

But there is a nice opportunity to disappear and run as the process of malware. And by checking its digital signature, you can easily confirm this process which is connected to AVG Technologies. 

If you want to navigate that file location then you can do it by selecting and making a right click on vprot.exe on the task manager and then further select the Open File location. Now just make a right click on vprot file and choose properties, from here you can inquire its Digital Signatures tab.

Many people start worrying a lot in this situation. But in fact, you shouldn’t worry about this if you have done the installation of AVG on your system. In spite of this, if you keep some knowledge and information about these things then you are a security-savvy user.

How to stop or Remove vprot.exe?
If you want to remove vprot.exe then you will have to uninstall AVG Toolbar. It will remove AVG Toolbar and makes AVG Secure Search. 
  • Firstly, go to Control Panel from Start Menu.
  • Now open Control Panel --> Programs --> Programs and Features --> select the AVG Security and just make a click on Uninstall/change.
  •  And follow the instructions on your computer screen.
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