How to Send Facebook Messages Via Email

We know very well that Facebook is one of the best, popular and interesting social networking sites. When you will start to observe the facebook features then you will find a long list of its features and shortcut uses. If you are still unknown then must see this post: 
People always want to know and they check - what is new on facebook todayAnd So, We never miss to share any facebook tips and tricks. In previous Articles we have already explained How To show Your First Name Only On Facebook. Now here in this Article we are going to share with you - How To easily Send Facebook Messages Via Email (Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc).

It may be you have faced many situations where facebook use is not allowed. This type of situation usually created at: colleges, Hostels, educational institutions, offices and many other places too. There is no any bad reason of not allowing facebook use in these places. This is done by the collage or office authority for the purpose of keeping concentration of students/employees on their study and work. But by any reasons, if you wish to use the Blocked sites then you should see the 3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites.

We all are very well familiar with the human nature. The addicted person always finds second options, because they don't wish to miss any moment or event on social sites. By the help of below mentioned steps you will know How to Send Facebook Messages via Email.

Steps to Send Facebook Messages via Email
Step (1): Firstly, you will have to find the facebook username of that friend which you wish to send message. You can get it easily from the address bar of your friend's timeline. So, go to the address bar and copy the username from given URL as shown in below screenshot.

Step (2): Now just add the after that username to make as Email address.
For the example: Howtouncle is username and now have to add Then final ID will be like

Step (3): Now it’s time to send the Facebook Messages via Email. So, open your Email account (whatever you like to use Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc).

Step (4): Go to compose a mail option. and in the "To" section, you have to write the Email address which you have generated in above step.

Step (4): After that write your message (whatever you want to share, ask or inform) and finally click on send button. 

Congratulation, you have sent the facebook message successfully. Your friend whom you have sent the mail will get your message immediately. And a notification will be appear like "Sent from Mail" on their notification box.

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