November 1, 2013

A Simple Way to Download Your Tweets from Twitter

No doubt, Twitter is one of the most popular online social networking sites in these days. According to recent survey of twitter it has been confirmed that more than 218.3 million active users are using twitter in a month. Most of the people like to use twitter everyday because they have become addicted to the amazing features of twitter. I am also a crazy fan & user of twitter. You can join me on twitter from here.

Download Your Tweets from Twitter
But by any reasons, if you want to move on from all social networking sites or want to permanently deactivate your twitter account then you may wish to remember your moment there just by downloading your all tweets to come back on in the future – starting with your first tweet on twitter.

Or maybe you don’t want to lose your tweets and want to protect your twitter account from hackers then this is always a best idea to backup all your tweets. So, if you really want to download Your Tweets from Twitter then this article is dedicated for you.

In this article, I will show you that how you can easily download all your tweets from Twitter.

Steps to Download Your Tweets from Twitter

Step (1) Firstly, Login to your Twitter account and Just click on the gear icon.

gear icon

Step (2) And from the menu options make a click on “Settings”.


Step (3) Now at the bottom of the setting page, simply click on the button of “Request your archive”
Request your archive

After clicking on Request your archive button, you will be able to see a notice like -"A link will be emailed to you when your archive is ready. This may take a little while, so please be patient"

Step (4) Just within a few seconds (it depends on the amount of your tweets) you will get an email with a link to your tweets archive as shown in below screenshot.

link to your tweets archive

Step (5) So, you have to click on the link to go on the download page and Download your Twitter archive.

Download your Twitter archive

Note: Your Twitter archive will be downloaded as a zip file. So, to view your tweets please unzip that folder and then open index.html.

I hope you liked this Article, please share your view with us through comment. If you are looking for more twitter related tips and tricks, latest updates then check out our Twitter tips and tricks section.

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