How to Purchase Cydia Tweaks on iPhone/iPad

How to Purchase Cydia Tweaks on iPhone/iPad

Cydia is the main gateway to all the amazing jailbreak tweaks we use and see. And it can be said that Without Cydiatweaks, the iPhone wouldn’t be just as impressive as it is. Actually, in that situations when user’s iPhone goes into Safe Mode makes them feel feeble and powerless. So, this situation is little bit difficult for the iPhone/ipad users.

While the countless free tweaks are available there and these powerful tweaks can be easily purchased through Cydia. Cydia’s founder Saurik, has formed it easy for the users to pay for jailbreak tweaks via the Cydia app. And I think this is very easy and interesting process.

Many people wish to know about - how to easily purchase the tweaks and why Cydia requires an authenticating account. And If you also want to know about it, then below mentioned steps is going to help you.

Steps to buy Cydia tweaks 

(1) Firstly, Open Cydia.

(2) Find the tweak which you wish to buy and simply tap on it

(3) After tapping, when the info page of tweak will load completely, then you will view a Purchase button on the top of right side. Also you should note the price for the tweak.

(4) Now, just tap on the Purchase button.

(5) Here you will be asked to login via either Google or Facebook. This login procedure is just for an allowance / authentication. So, you will have to select either Google or Facebook to login.

(6) After that, here you will be asked to choose a payment processor. (Option as Amazon or PayPal)

(7) When you will tap on any of them (PayPal or Amazon), you will be directed to the related website.

(8) Now, enter the complete payment details (Credit Card/Net banking etc.) and just finish the payment successfully.

(9) Once completed, you will be able to see a ‘Payment Successful‘page in Cydia which appears for confirm your payment.

(10) Here, you have to tap on the ‘Back‘ button to return back on the info page for the tweak.

(11) And ultimately, the info page will show you confirmation that you have purchased the tweak. No need think about the Future updates, it will be completely free (the tweak developer offers this advantage).
By the help of above mentioned steps many paid tweaks can be purchased. For instance: Themes like Ayecon, tweaks like Auxo, Velox, Folder Enhancer, LockInfo 5 and many more.

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