How to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone with Android Device Manager

What you will do if your Android phone has lost? This is a very important question for those people who use Android phone. Because this is a reality - your phone is the best companion who keeps you in touch with your family & friends and provides full entertainment by the help of songs, videos, pictures, games and various interesting apps. But if you lose your phone and it goes in a wrong hand then you may lost your important Data along with your phone.

Some day ago HowToUncle has shared the tips and tricks about How to Make Ready Your Android Smartphone Before Lose and now once again came with the tips about Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone with Android Device Manager. I assure you that you will be surprise to know about this function.

All iOS and Windows Phone have a web app which is able to track your lost or stolen phone and even it is also able to wipe the data available in the phone remotely. Suppose, if you have misplaced your Android phone at office, restaurant, shop or if it was stolen and you have very sensitive information on it. Then in such situations, its feature of remotely wiping the phone data and location tracking on a map are very useful for you.

You know very well that Android phone did not have this interesting feature and peoples were depending on third party tools. But recently Google has announced a new feature by which you can find your lost or stolen Android phone. The amazing service is named as Android Device Manager. It is able to quickly ring your Android phone at full volume (it will work even if phone has been silenced) or also locate it on a map in accurate time. So you can easily find your android phone.

And in that situation when your lost phone can’t be recovered or has been stolen, then you can easily and very quickly erase all the data available on your phone. And after erasing all the data from your stolen phone you will feel secure that your data is not being used by any wrong hands. The Android Device Manager will be usable for Android 2.2 and above. And it can be obtained from the Google Play

Interesting Features of Android Device Manager:

1. It is able to locate your lost or stolen Android phone on Google Maps.
2. It is also able to Ring the lost phone at maximum volume even if the phone is in silent mode.
3. Ability to remotely wipe all the data available in your lost phone in case you are not able to recover it.

You can realize about its features – It has both options. First option, you can try to recover by tracking and Ring at maximum volume. Second option, if you are not able to recover then erases your all data. The Android Device Manager is not available as of now, but will be launched upcoming month. 

More details on the Android Blog. You can know more about Android app by clicking here….

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