How to create your own Price Tracker for Amazon and Flipkart

We all know that Amazon and Flipkart is very popular shopping site and people like to purchase various products from here. But one thing you can notice – The listed prices of products on these online shopping sites may vary everyday. And this is the reason by which you feel difficulty to buy any product on fixed price. 

But no need to be worry now, in this Article a very simple solution has mentioned which is based on Google Docs to help you keep regular track of these product’s price fluctuations via email. This solution will be proving very helpful for you. Suppose if Amazon is offering some large discount on any product that you were planning to purchase then in this situation you would never miss that deal again. And thus you will be able to take the advantage of a big discount.

Track Prices using Google Docs 
This is a very simple process. You will have to add the URLs of products that you want to track inside a Google Spreadsheet. And tool will show you the latest price by tracking the prices of all products listed on several Amazon websites (it support the all Amazon. country domains) and (while you are shopping in India).

How to setup the price tracker inside your Google Docs:
(1) Firstly, Open the Google Sheet (See an example)  and insert one or more URLs of that product pages which you wish to track from Amazon or Flipkart in column B

(2)After that go to the Price Tracker menu, select the Initialize option and say “Accept” when it will ask for authorization. Here the script is open-source and nobody else will have access to your listed data.

(3) And from the Price Tracker menu, just select Start Tracking. Your price tracker is now active and you can freely close the Google Sheet.

Just after activate price tracker, you’ll get an instant email or two currently listed prices of the products that you have already added in the Google Sheet. Then the Google sheet will send you a daily summarize (as shown in below screenshot) of the product prices with sight hints. And you will be able to know that how product’s prices have changed since the last update.

You can Customize Google sheet according to your wish. Suppose, if you want to delete any existing URL or add new URLs from the Google sheet then you can make freely these changes. Don’t think about the background script, it will automatically pick the changes.  And if any day you wish to completely stop receiving those email alerts of price tracker, simply select the option of Stop Tracking from the Price Tracker menu. 

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