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We all are familiar with the Instagram very well. This is very popular social networking site in these days. Instagram was introduced first for iPhone only, and got huge popularity within very less time. After iphone, it come up with Android app and obtained very good positions as a social network. 

It may be you have noticed that Instagram is still not connected with Windows Phone, but alike other apps there are also alternative available for you. All knows - This service (Instagram) is also not available for Windows 8. But In this article few app has mentioned by which you will be able to view your timeline, posts comments and likes.

I hope you are being excited to know about that app, so that amazing and new app is “InstaPic“. InstaPic is a completely fledged Instagram client for Windows 8. And it is available with the capacity to create accounts and after log into account you can easily upload photos from your Windows 8 devices (tablets, laptops). This app is a complete free app and you can easily download it from Windows Store. It has also the ability to use the camera available on your Windows 8 devices and upload photos to Instagram.

Once you have installed the InstaPic app, you will be freely able to log in with your personal account. The app has also very good looking layout, one featured photos displays in the main section and some more photos available there with small front as a timeline photos or other popular photos. A screenshot is shown below:

And At the top right corner of the page, some options are present there like: upload photos, view notifications and search on Instagram. During upload photos, you can use given option according to your wish; either the option of choose photos from your hard disk or the option of use the camera to capture. 

You will be surprise to see the availability of various effects and customization options. The app has included the support of photo editing tools from Aviary, so there are complete package of options available comprising some basic option like: crop, brightness, saturation , filters, stickers , effects and many more.

It has added several interesting and simple features for the users comfort. When you will click on any photo, a pop-up menu will appear with the options of like, comment and download the photo. 

Not only these, you will be also able to view your profile and check your followers and following.

Overall, the InstaPic app performs very frequently and impressively. Although some issues has been noticed with the photo uploading, but we hope that it would be fixed soon. The InstaPic has added approx the all features of Instagram such as register, sign in, upload, likes, comment, follow etc. In fact after using this app you will feel that you are using Instagram app. In present time, InstaPic is the best option for those users who wish to use Instagram on Windows 8 devices. 

So, we suggest you to try the InstaPic app. I assure – you will love to use this app. Many users are using this amazing app, now it’s your turn to use.

Additional Information: 
App : InstaPic
Developer: APP LYF
Price: Free
Download @ Windows Store

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