Google Glass to help students learn filmmaking

Google is one of the best examples of how anything can work without taking rest. I am saying this because Google search engine has given various unexpected resources and still continue for provide something special and unique to the users. People has also set in their mind that everything are easily possible with Google.

Now Google, the giant search engine is engaging the film students from five colleges. It is because they want to aid them in learning the art and creativity of filmmaking by using its wearable computing devices. The news has reported that approx 10,000 students who want to learn the art of filmmaking are using the Google Glass headset. This new and amazing device (Google Glass) from Google is being more popular among people very well and even numerous people have started to use this device.

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In reality, Google Glass looks like a pair of glasses but it can be used to make movies by shooting high quality of videos and taking pictures. Even, it can be impressively used for checking the schedules, searching internet and composing emails and many more things

Simply for an experiment, Google is going to provide three pairs of this amazing Google Glass to each film school or college. And its operating function is really great. Users can interestingly shoot videos in “720p” HD quality just by giving a simple touch commands and voice Glass. The cost of this Google glass is $1,500 and is already being explored by 10,000 students who want to learn filmmaking. Its impressive features have attracted countless people and its user being double day by day.

Google has recently announced that it will contribute in the direction of the growth of students. Google also disclose that the schools/collages will soon be using the Google Glass for character development, documentary filmmaking, storytelling and many more unexpected things. 

 Norman Hollyn (professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts) stated - students will be buoyant to apply Google glass to tell stories which will comprise the first-person point of view. Norman Hollyn also told that “Timecode” (a film directed by Miki Figgis), is one attractive model that students might follow which uses four cameras to shoot four distinct people harmoniously. In upcoming year, at least two excellent short films are expected to be made.

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The look of Google glass is as impressive as its features. Some screenshot of Google glass is shown below:

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