How to Use Google Search as an Online Timer

Timer setting is a very famous process which is usually used by the several people. It is a very helpful and valuable thing. Because when you are busy in your work then it is possible that you may forget the timing of any important task. And that task goes failed due to your unusual timing. But, if you use a timer then you can easily remind about your upcoming tasks.

If you also feel - you should use a simple timer to remind you of upcoming important tasks like making phone call to your client or employees, appointment with doctor, important meeting and many more tasks.

Then a good web app is available for you as That freely let you generate countdown timers in the browser very quickly. But I think you will avoid the use of these timers when you will know about Google Search as an Online Timer.

Yes, you can now easily setup an online timers situated on Google itself by inserting the timer command in the Google search box in the following format (“set” word is optional):

                    timer for <time> OR set timer for <time>                        

The <time> can be used for a combination of hours, minutes and seconds. For the example, you may simply use the search commands like set timer for 20 seconds or timer for 1 hour 2 minutes and after set the command timer will quickly come into action. When the fixed time in timer will passed, the browser will start to play a sound. And thus you can easily remind about your tasks. 

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One other simple way is available and that is – In the place of setting the time in the search command, you are also free to use the search query “timer” inside Google and then manually set the timer.

And because of we are talking about online timers, so I will not miss to recommend you to check out – By the help of this you can set any YouTube video as the notification alarm which is also a nice way.

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