Google Adsense App for Android phones

Google Adsense is an advertising placement program which is run by Google. Basically this program is designed for those website's publishers who wish to display the targeted text, video or image advertisements on their Website and earn money when the various site visitors view or click on ads. These advertisements are completely administered, sorted, and maintained by the Google.

Surprising news is here for you - Google recently released an official Adsense application for Android phones. This App can be easily installed on your Android phone. We all know that Google Adsense is one of the popular and best programs to make money online if you have a good Website or Blog. For those users which are already into Adsense program they will now able to easily and quickly check their earnings by the help of this amazing app. Now there is no need to open any browser from your laptop or computer for check Google Adsense revenue. You can easily check your earning anywhere on your Android phone. Google Adsense App is a complete free app and easily available for your Android Phone.

The User interface of the Google Adsense App is very simple and impressive. And the home screen of this app shows the estimated earnings alike to web interface along with the monthly earnings and also the earnings for previous month from your website or Blogs. You will be also able to view the options like: top sites, top URL channels, top custom channels and top ad units. Few screenshots of Google Adsense App are shown below:


This app comes with several features for the example; it allows you to set the refresh break of the app, which has fixed to 15 minutes by default. This interesting app provides a very simple way to access the key data from your AdSense account. I assure you – you will feel very easy to access reporting features anywhere, directly and very quickly from your Android phone. A screenshot of Auto-refresh setting is given below:


Google Adsense App is not compatible with many devices and even also this app is not available in all countries.

 Important information:
App name: Google AdSense
Price: Free
Developer: Google Inc.
Get from here: [Download]

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