August 1, 2013

How to Play KBC 7 Game Online on your Android Phone

I think – there is no need to give the explanation about KBC. I am saying this because we all are very well familiar with this Popular TV game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” hosted by Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan. KBC is one of the most interesting and valuable Game show and approx all the family member like to watch it.

KBC7 is an online web app which has imitated from the original TV game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Alike the original TV show KBC, KBC7 is being in demand with users who love to play this game. This is a nice game app which is very useful to test your knowledge in various field and improve your quizzing skill too. It’s a free app which is available for Android Devices.

If you will talk about KBC7 app’s then a word will must come on your lips and that is “Awesome”. Because this app has a possessing and great user-friendly interface, during playing this game you will feel like; you’re on the computer screen of original TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The developer team of this game has tried to provide best experience to its users. And the users really like the impressive smoothness of this app. With this app you will not find any sophisticated rules and it is simple to use as you have seen in Original TV show. You can imagine about its simplicity by seeing below screenshot.

How to play KBC 7 on Android Phone
The all rules of this game are very simple and same as original TV shows but in this app the concept of fastest finger first has not included. When you will open this KBC7 game, then you will be taken directly to the first question. When the first question will be appear on your Android screen then you have to give a correct answer for each multi choice question. If your answer will be correct then the next question will be released and you will get some fixed winning amount in the game.

Details of winning amount and questions level
When your answer of first question will be correct then you will get 1000 Rs and next question will be released. There are three levels are available in this game which you will have to cross for ensure certain winning amount of money. And these three levels are branched as follows:

Level 1: At the question no. 5 and amount is Rs 10,000
Level 2: At the question no. 10 and amount is Rs 3,20,000
Level 3: At the question no. 15 and amount is Rs 1,00,00,000

When you will give correct answer then the amount money alert will be appear on your screen as shown below:

You have three lifelines in the game and you are free to use it anytime. At any question, if you are in suspicions or unknown then you can use these lifelines. But here a one thing you have to keep in mind – you can use every lifeline only once throughout the game. 

These three lifelines are described below:
(1) 50:50:- When you will use 50:50 lifeline, your two answers will be erased from the given four options. And now you will have to choose the answer from rest two answers available in your screen.

(2) Double dip: - this is very helpful option. When you will use Double dip lifeline, you will be provided only 2 choices for choose the correct answer among 4 options.

(3)Flip the question: By the help of this lifeline you will be able to change the question if you think - you don’t know the correct answer of the given question.

Important Note: In this game the option of phone-a-friend has not included. And you are free to quit the game anytime according to your wish.

=> This is a free game app and very easy to play.
=> It is very useful to check your IQ level and helpful to improve it.
=> It increases your knowledge by asking various questions of all around the world.

=> Unavailability of sound in this game which may irritate you.
=> It is possible that same question will be repeated.

KBC7 is an amazing Android Game which can be played anywhere when you have free time. You will really love to play this game because it will provide you full knowledge along with fun. You will feel that you are on the Original TV show of Kaun Banega Crorepati. It may be - The unavailability of sound in this game will irritate you but it will not affect your enjoyment. Developers of this game are trying to fix its sound system and the situation of repeated question. Instead of these things this App is very impressive and you should play thing game.

Some Extra information about KBC7 App:
 LatestUpdated on :- July 26, 2013
 Size:- 7.5M
 Current Version:-1.4
 Requires Android:- 2.1 and up
 Developer:- Email Developer

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