July 30, 2013

CulCharge: Smallest USB Cable for iPhone and Android

You have seen and used different looks & features in Smartphone, but now it’s time to see and use different accessories also. Latest updates for you is – Recently the smallest and slimmest USB charger for Android and iPhones reviewed. Yes, now you will be able to use the smallest USB charger for your Smartphone. 

CulCharge is that smallest charger and data USB cable which is available with only 2, 3" (6 cm) long. Its size and slimness will be the reason that you will keep it always with you everywhere. It is as small as any chocolate. You can easily put it in your wallet, carry in your hand bag and put it in your packet. In short we can say that now need to keep it at home as usually we does with other USB charger.

By the help of CulCharge you can easily charge your Smartphone from Cars, Laptops, Desktops, Printers, TVs, Monitor, Motorbikes, and various other electronics devices which have available the USB input. It means no need to move here and there for charge your Smartphone. It has broken all the record of USB’s feature. Here I want to inform you that CulCharge is now on Indiegogo and looking for your huge contributions. Have a look on CulCharge slimness.

There are four type of CulCharge - Apple Lightning (iPhone 5), Iphone 4, MicroUSB and MiniUSB connectors. Whatever Smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, LG, and Motorola) you are using, it is a great option for you. This line “All in one” is suitable with this CulCharge USB cable. 

Beneficial feature of CulCharge:
  • (a) First attraction of this USB cable is its small size - 2, 3" (6 cm) long, ultrathin.
  • (b) Modern impressive design (no wire system).
  • (c) Universal availability – It is available for almost all Smartphone, and charging capacity from almost every USB device.
  • (d) Affordable – Available with reasonable price for everyone. Pre-order CulCharge for all.
If you are thinking for Pre-order then by pre-order you will get it with low cost of $8 based on the version you pick. As for example it is available with iPhone 5 version priced at $15. I think you should say Goodbye to your old USB cable. CulCharge can be kept always in your packet or wallet anywhere and for charging your Smartphone by it only need a USB input of any devices. 

And if you are thinking about CulCharge's flexibility then no need to be worry about it. It has a great flexibility and it will be not broken during using anywhere. Thus you can realize – CulCharge is an amazing USB cable for your Smartphone and available with affordable price.

Pre-order CulCharge at Indiegogo 

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