How to Become an Android Beta Tester for Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social networking platforms on which many apps and features depends now in these days. And many interesting features and apps are created for the facebook users which are very helpful to use facebook quickly and properly with lots of shortcuts. In fact, lots of people are trying to experiments with facebook related features.

Some weeks ago Facebook released a new program named Facebook for Android Beta Testers. This is an interesting gift for the users by the facebook. Facebook for Android Beta Testers allows the Android users to test the latest pertaining to experiment features in the Facebook app. And this is an obvious thing, the beta version of Facebook for Android will not be completely coded and it may be the reason of problems. If you are excited about helping Facebook build a superior app, then you should absolutely use this program.

Probably you also know, Google released a beta testing program at the Google I/O 2013 and which conference held on May 2013. By the help of beta testing program, the Android developers can easily roll-out the latest and updated versions of their apps to a special group of Android users, beta testers, to be aware how those versions execute before rolling out publicly.

How to become a beta tester?

Becoming a beta tester is virtually very simple but interesting. To get started, you will have to join the Facebook for Android Beta Testers group on the Google Groups. And simply install the beta version of Facebook app.

(1) Firstly, Go to Facebook for Android Beta Testers group and just click on the Join Group button.

(2) After joining the group, go to this page and make a click on the Become a tester button.

(3) If you have installed facebook on your Android device already then you will have to Uninstall.

(4) Now, Download Facebook from Google Play Store and go ahead.

(5) If you wish to report the bugs or share few thoughts about this beta app, then you can easily share them on Facebook for Android Beta Testers Facebook group.

Need to keep in mind:
=> You will have to join this group with the Google account which is associated with your Google Play Store.

=> After trying the above mentioned steps, if you don’t get the beta version of Facebook then simply restart your android device.

This interesting program is accessible to any Android user running the Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or the latest Jelly Bean.

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