Popular Commentluv Enabled Blogs with High Page Rank

All Blogger want to build more and more links for their Blog and they apply several ways for it. But Commenting on other Blogs is one of the most important ways to build links and this is also a nice way to effectively communicate with other bloggers in the same niche. If you are a Blogger then you have must listen about Commentluv plugin.

What is CommentLuv Plugin?
CommentLuv Plugin is a WordPress plugin which comes in 2 flavors: free and paid. Free called CommentLuv and Paid called CommentLuv Premium. It allows the people who comment on your blog to have the link to their latest/Recent blog post included to their comment automatically. Hence, increasing the number of external links indicating to the Blog and result to this more link flows to your Blog. And which is very helpful to increase the Page Rank.

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Benefits of Using Commentluv:
  •  You will get more comments
  •  Filters spam comments effectively
  •  Link building & Traffic generator for Commentators
  •  Allows readers to promote their articles/post to other blogs
  •  Encourages favorable interaction between Bloggers and the readers
  •  Automatically notifies of comment replies and new comments to Guest authors
  •  Encourages more commentators especially who have a own blog or a site to comment on your blog
I have seen, People always find the huge collection of Commentluv Enabled Blogs with High Page Rank. If you are also finding same then this Article is dedicated for you.

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List of Commentluv Enabled Blogs with High PR:
       Blog                           Page Rank    
 1.  w3blog                                 6
 2.  Comluv                                5
 3.  Kikolani                              5
 4.  Bloggingtips                        5
 5.  Searchenginepeople            5
 6.  Basicblogtips                       5
 7.  Blondish                              4
 8.  Thebadblogger                    4
 9.  Bloggingbasics101              5
10. Techlila                               4
11. itechcode                            3
12.  Collegefallout                    3
13.  Techchunks                       3
14.  Zapworld                            4
15.  Technikant                        3
16.  Webmaster success          3
17.  Earningguys                      2
18.  Seoallrounder                   2
19.  Tech4world                       2
20.  Ttechclickr                        2

HowToUncle listed here 20 commentluv enabled blogs with high Page Rank and some more Blogs will be added soon in this list. When you will comment on other blogs in order to build external links by the help of above listed commentluv enabled blogs, then you should keep in mind one thing that you have to do this only on that blogs which are related to your niche. Because, the links related to your niche will be more helpful for your Blog.

I hope you liked this post. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us. you can get some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and Blogging Tips by clicking here.

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