How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad

The demand of iPhone/iPad and its various apps are increasing expeditiously. And many of iphone & ipad user are busy with the customization of its different features. As we all knows - the whole layout of iPhone & iPad based on English (U.S) layout by default. Because this layout fits for most of the users, But in many countries the people are using different keyboard layouts along with different scripts.

You will surprise to know that iPhone have ability to support various attractive keyboard layouts to make it more convenient for you to type anything in your native languages. And it will be very helpful for you to type your text very quickly, because inside every language, you are also free to change & set the hardware keyboard layout (moreover QWERTY, AZERTY etc). You can imagine about the vantage of typing in your native language.

             How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad

In this article, I am going to describe about How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad. I am sharing this Article because there are lot of people who are using iPhone & iPad but completely unknown from the setting of different keyboard layout. In this tutorial, they’ll learn how to easily change the keyboard layout. And along with the keyboard layout they'll also learn how to change & reset the dictionary on the iPhone/iPad.
How to change the keyboard layout
For changing the keyboard layout, you will have to follow few steps. Following steps are:

1). Firstly, you will have to go for "Settings" option.

2). and then simply tap or click on General.

3). Here various options will appear, so Scroll down and tap on "Keyboard" option.

4). In the options of Keyboard, you have to select and tap on “Keyboards”.
(Hint: Keyboard --> Keyboards)

5). you will see an option named "Add New Keyboard". And you have to tap on this option.

How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad

6). Here you will see the list of various keyboards.  So, now you have to select the keyboard (language) which you want to add.

7). you can tap on the option of "Edit" on top-right and also on the option of remove or move the keyboard order.

After performing all these steps successfully, you will have to do one more thing. And that is - To access the recently added keyboard, you have to just tap the globe icon which is present on the keyboard. Congratulation, you have enabled to use the newly added keyboard.

How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad

How to Add iPhone Dictionary
It may be - you have noticed during the use of iPhone's Dictionary that a English Dictionary is available by default On the iPhone. While, there is no any direct option & setting available for add an iPhone Dictionary. But if you are willing to add an iPhone Dictionary then follow these given steps:

1). Firstly, you will have to Add the keyboard layout as mentioned above.

2). Now, open Notes and change the keyboard layout. The language of keyboard layout should be of that language which you want to get dictionary of.

3). After that, simply type a word and then select it.

4). From the option of Copy or Cut dialog, you have to tap on the right arrow and just press on Define.

5). Here you will be asked by the iPhone - you would like to download the dictionary. then Press Download and for the downloading you need a net connection. so, make sure that you are connected to a Wi-fi network.

6). That’s it!  You have done and it’s time to use & enjoy it.

How to easily Change the Keyboard Layout on iPhone & iPad

It has seen many time - During reset a dictionary it becomes disorganized with a lot of words, so you should just head to General then move for Reset and tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

After using these features, you will feel very special because you have spent may days without these nice options. But now you are not unknown after reading this Article, so you should must try and enjoy. Many people are using this keyboard layout option, now it's your turn to use. Feel free to share your view with us. 

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