Skype WiFi App for Windows 8 [Available now]

It will be a very funny thing, if i will describe here the basic things about Skype. i am saying this because - Almost everyone is familiar with Skype very well. Skype is one of the most popular & usable video calling app across the world. And easily available with various platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Apart from being one of the best VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) apps, it also allows you to connect to over a million Wi-Fi hotspots across all the country. This incorporates Wi-Fi hotspots from several vendors like Boingo, Fon and many more.

Here, something is new for you from the Skype. And it is, Skype has now officially launched a new Windows 8 app. By which the users can search for Wi-Fi hotspots and connect by using the Skype credit on your account. If you are thinking about download it, then let me tell - this interesting free app is now available for you and you can download it from the Windows store. And you may easily connect to Wi-Fi hotspots across the world from your devices like: tablet or laptop.

You will be surprise to know that Skype WiFi has no any data limitations and users will only pay for the time they will be connected to the hotspot. To get started with this feature no need to do extra and complex settings. For connecting with people - You will have to simply log into your existing Skype account and search for the networks attainable near your current location and connect to them. You can also see the rate for every Wi-Fi from the app and freely connect using your Skype credit.

Features of Skype WiFi App

1). Skype WiFi App reduces your data roaming costs when you’re abroad. it will be very helpful for you, during travelling different countries.

2). you can use Skype WiFi to connect to WiFi hotspots at various places like: hotels, airports, train stations, hospitals, bars and restaurants – easily obtainable at over 1 million hotspots worldwide.

3). you can use it by just a single click & tap to connect – For browsing the internet, checking email, using Skype, checking Facebook & Twitter update, uploading photos & videos, downloading music or ebooks and many more things.

4). Even, you will have to Only pay for the time when you’re connected to the hotspot – there are no any limitations, you are free to upload or download unlimited data according to your wish.

5). the most valuable thing is the availability of its low per-minute prices. Wherever you will connect, it provides same service with same cost.

 6). A very great feature With Skype WiFi is that you can freely go online and pay by the minute. Before you connect, you may distinctly see the estimated price of the hotspot you’re going to connect.

7). this point is very important and you should remember - you’ll be only charged for the minutes you’re connected, not for the collection of data you have downloaded or uploaded.

8). It wants to provide you the full control – so each session is divided in 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes you’ll be asked to reconnect, if you want to continue your session then reconnect or if not then you can click to Disconnect.

It is true fact and you may realize too - The Skype WiFi app is a awesome app for the person who travel with Windows 8 laptop or tablet without a internet connection of 3G. Many people are going to use The Skype WiFi app, now it’s your turn to use. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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