How to Watch Netflix on PS3 in India [Methods]

Most of the people are familiar with Netflix very well. We all know that - Netflix is one of the best and popular subscription services for Internet streaming resources to watch Movies & TV Shows online. Since, in these days approx all the people are enjoying various things online like: movies, songs, comedy shows, reality shows, dance shows and many other program of TV. So, the user of Netflix is rising day by day.

It is now available with more than 60,000 videos to select from inclusive of new movies and TV shows in quality ranging from SD to Super HD. These are the reason - Netflix is the leader in On-Demand streaming. You may add a wide Diversity of supported devices across all platforms and I assure, you will get a attractive subscription service with excelling facility hat everyone wants.

And their PS3 app is another best attraction for the people. Because by the help of PS3, now user will be able to enjoy a enormous selection of various shows from the comfort of their couch. But except of these things – Netflix is limited to few countries only and if you’re not belonging from one of them, then your luck is not with you until now.

If you are from India and really want to use this service then this Article is completely dedicated to you. Here I am going to describe two methods for you.

How to Watch Netflix Movies & TV Shows on PS3 in India

In under mentioned guide, I will demonstrate you that how to access Netflix from a PS3 in India (or, outside US). Details of what you need for use this service:-
=> You should have a Netflix account.
=> And also a Playstation 3 console
=> A US PSN account is also needed (you may create for free from a PS3/PC – Google it)
=> Netflix app (you can download it free from PSN store)
=> And few minutes to spare
Now, I am explaining the methods…read on.

Method 1 [Primary method]: Tunlr


Tunlr is an absolutely free service and available with no any limitation. And it also strictly follows "no advertisement" policy. It has ability to tricks the Netflix servers into thinking that your urge is generated from US even though you’re situated outside the states.

(1) Firstly, Start your PS3 and log into your PSN Account (US account). 

(2) And On the XMB, go to ->Settings ->Network settings -> Internet connection settings.

(3) Now you will have to select custom -> wired or wireless.

(4) If you are using a wired connection then please ignore this step. And For wireless -> go to WLAN settings -> Scan -> select your connection/access point -> insert SSID and password for your connection.

(5) After entering SSID and password, go to your IP address -> Automatic (or you are also free to enter manually the expansion your ISP provides you) ->DHCP -> Do not set -> DNS setting -> Manual -> and now Enter the following : Primary DNS – | Secondary DNS – -> MTU -> Automatic -> Proxy server -> Do not use ->UPnP -> Enable -> Press X to Save the settings.

(6) And after saving settings, now just test the settings and if everything ok & succeeds, then proceed for next step. (If not, re-check above mentioned steps).

(7) Here, now you have to open your PS3 browser and go to login and insert the shown captcha.

(8) And then you will be directed to the dashboard are where your IP address should be listed along with its status. If it illustrates ‘Whitelisted’ then you’re set. So, now you should Close the browser and go for next step. And If you’re blacklisted/not whitelisted then click on ‘Add to whitelist’ link (option is located below left hand corner)

(9) You have almost done and now you need to restart your PS3. After restarting, just Open your browser and Go to :  . If all the things done accurately then it should look like:

(10) That’s it. Congratulation, you have successfully done the app settings. Now start your Netflix app on your PS3 – just Login to your account and enjoy all the streaming content, including several movies and TV shows, on your PS3 according to your wish.

Note: you can get the latest DNS addresses for Tunlr setup from - [Here]. And you should try to disable Tunlr DNS when you are done streaming or for usual browsing as it will be helpful to keep the service free and will reduce load on the servers.

I hope you will perform very well these steps. And if with this app some problem occurs or if you feel difficulty to perform it then, you should try the following alternate method.

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Method 2 [Alternate Method]: Unblock-US

Unblock-US is completely similar to Tunlr but it is not an absolutely free service. However it’s a paid service but they offer a 7-day free trial after registering using mail ID (No need of credit card). After using it till 7-day, If you want to continue it then it is available with very low cost at $4.99 per month.  And I think, this is not much cost for you if you are enjoying various things with this low cost. But please try to use above mentioned method first.
For getting started with Unblock-US, you will have to perform following steps:-

(1) Firstly, you will have to get a Unblock-US account by signing up for a free trial from here [Start for a free trial].

 (2) Now Start your PS3 and follow the steps from the above method (Tunlr) until you attain the DNS configuration part (step 5) and enter there the following:
Primary DNS  
Secondary DNS

(3) and again Follow the similar steps from above mentioned method (Tunlr) after DNS setup and keep straining right until you have to press ‘x’ to save settings. Similarly, Test the connection settings. After connection succeed, simply restart your PS3.

(4) Finally, Install the Netflix app (if you haven’t done) by going to: from the browser your PS3.

(5) Congratulation, you have successfully done the app settings – Login and start streaming!

Note: It is surprising news - You can also freely set up your router with the Unblock-US. And thus all the devices related to the router can be easily access Netflix without any individual setups. Go here to perform that set up [From here]. Unblock-US is also able to work with Amazon instant video service but for this you should have an amazon VOD account and that can only be purchased by a US-issue credit card.

 One more thing for you and that is, you can enjoy SuperHD with only on supported devices such as PS3 and Roku and the internet connections should be fast (5~8 Mbps) and with an affiliated ISP.  Many people are enjoying various Movies & TV Shows by the help of these Apps, now it’s your turn to enjoy. Feel free to share your comment with us.

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