How to make Apple keyboards work quickly in Windows

I think there is no need to discuss about the popularity and the various great function of Apple. Because, all people knows very well about its function, features and smoothness. People are being addicted by the use of Apple; they like it too much and love to use it completely. 

Here if we will take a nice example of its keyboards functionality, then we will find that the both (wired and wireless) keyboards of Apple are the most attractive thing. And the use of these keyboards with the Mac and iOS devices provides an unexpected experience to the users.

You can see - Bootcamp drivers have done a very great and impressive work by making the work of Apple keyboards very easily in windows. But with this a little difficulty and that is in key mapping. Now you will think - Ohhh, what can do to fix this difficulty?

So, to fix this difficulty we have a best option and that is not other than "Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper". It is a very simple and supportive app, which is available for Windows. When you will run this app successfully, you will find that all the missing Windows functionality and various other features in the Apple keyboards. 

Now you will be easily able to take screenshots, control volume, iTunes, eject CD/DVD drive and even go for the task manager and many more thing. And we know - the user always like to go for a shortcut way, so you will feel very relief to use these key in windows.

 Here, the exhaustive key combinations are given below:

F3 = Prints creen

F4 = Task Manager

F7 – F9 = iTunes control

F10 – F12 = System volume control

Eject = Toggles Functions / F Keys

Fn + F key triggers function (useful when in F keys mode)

Fn + Backspace = Delete

Fn + Eject = Eject CD

If you want to see the option like:  Refresh the connection, Restart and Exit. You will have to make a right click on the icon then the system tray will show you these options. You can freely enable/disable the control of these key combinations by handling to the Configuration section. It is very easily usable.

I assure you, this app will help you a lot. There is also an interesting feature and that is; while you will take a screenshot, adjust system volume, play/pause songs or access the task manager, then there is a lovely animation appears like in the Mac OS/iOS devices. And by the help of this animation you can easily select or deselect your needed option.

Here, you will have to pay a little attention on it:  Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper needs .NET 4 and it should be must installed on your PC.

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