How can Turn off or on Facebook Chat for selected friends

As we see during the Daily use of Facebook that Sometimes we get irritate to answering multiple chat with many friends. Even if we don't want to chat with any one but they sends text again and again then we get puzzled and we got chat off for all. But now not need to be chat off for all , we can use this chat option for selected friends, Facebook has already provided the solution of it. i am sharing this experience with you all.
Turn off or on Facebook Chat for selected friends:
  • Step 1:- At first, sign in your Facebook account in a Web browser. wait for load properly home Facebook home page.
  • Step 2:-Now go to the chat box section at the bottom-right corner. Here, Go on options button and select Advanced Settings button as shown in below pic.
facebook chat settings
  • Step 3:- Then you will get a pop-up box named Advanced Chat Settings on the page. Here go on the second tab “Turn on chat for only some friends”.
  • Now, type the names of  friends with you want to chat. This process is fast and very simple. Facebook will auto complete it for you. And click on save button.
Note : If you want to turn off from your account then can click on “turn off chat”.

facebook advance chat settings window
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