How can Solve the Problems with Windows 8 Camera App

As we know that the Windows 8 is really a popular and nice generations of windows version. There are so many new features are present just like start screen, charms bar, smooth built-in default apps (Camera, Map, People, Store, Music) these features make windows 8 user-friendly

The Camera app is not only for just a nice picture capture, even another so many best fun apps in the windows 8 are added. It helps the users to capture screenshots, record HD video without touching the windows based software. by this post we can know the its use of in this windows 8 apps.

Suppose you got many error messages like "The Camera app can’t be used with this version of Windows" when just start the default camera app in your windows 8 laptop. these problems are created due to many reasons. As For example, if you have just upgraded to a new version of windows 8 then this new system settings can’t start the camera app to use. 
Solve the Problems with Windows 8 Camera App
windows 8 camera app problems message
Note: At first ensure that you have created a restore point in your windows 8 before the attempting any type of the troubleshooting issues in this app. It is really needed, because you can come back at any previous point if anything goes wrong.

  • Windows 8 give a built-in troubleshooter tool for fix the any kind of running problems on your computer. To solve the camera app problems, go to metro search charms and write troubleshooter in search box.
troubleshooter in windows 8

  • After that Uninstall the camera app manually from your windows 8 computer and install it again from this provided windows 8 store link.
  • Sometimes the problems of windows 8 camera app can be found due to longer cache storing on your system. then this time, you have a nice option to reset cache for windows 8 app store.
  • If you have already installed any latest updates for your camera apps then this is the main reason of this problem. This updated files of camera app changes your camera or video driver settings. Then you have need to come back to its previous settings. To do it just Search for Device Manager  in the metro search charms as directed in below screenshot;
windows 8 device manager search

  • Now, just right-click on  Display Adapter option and then select the Properties button.
windows 8 display driver properties

  • Then go to Drivers tab and click on Roll Back Driver button.
roll back video driver
Now after this windows start the process of uninstalling to latest updated driver and retract into previous configuration automatically.

  • It is very important to know for you, outdated drivers may be the causes for problems in any type of default apps. So, try always to update your camera and video drivers to the latest available drivers.
Confidently, any type of the troubleshooting tips in the tutorial might facilitate you repair the camera app and then you can start using your camera back.
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