How can start to use OneNote app in Windows 8

Windows 8 has launched a new authorized application which is known by the name of "OneNote app". This apps is very serviceable for the users. By this app they can keep their ideas and notes at a fixed plaice where they want. This newly launched app is very constructive, simple and user friendly. Even You can use this for drawings attachment notes. 
As we can see that OneNote application is saved in the clouds, you can access it as your wish anywhere. OneNote App is as interesting as other app of Windows 8 and you will feel it during its use. By this valuable app you can write down any type of thing , draw any thing and even you can keep attachments too.
In this OneNote app you can make your routine by text or by drawing picture, you can search your all notes. This is a very enjoyable feature and user like it so much its because its use attracts them and in “touch enabled device” it works lovely. In this article I am going to explain its interesting feature and its work.
Interesting Features of OneNote app:
(a) OneNote app allows the users the pen customization options and it helps them to much and in easy way when they work with a stylus on a touch screen.
(b) The another valuable and unique feature is that you are able to access notebooks on Office 365 accounts with the OneNote app.
When you will open the OneNote app, it will show you the list of recent notebooks and that can be opened by just in single click.

How to Get OneNote app:
this app is already available in Windows Store you can get from there and another way is you can simply go to the following link:-
How to Run this app:
After the installation of this app, you can open it by its icon.  When you will open then a blank note with attractive look will be appear. Now, in this blank note page you can write whatever important notes you want to write. For know about its new things offered by this app you can Click on the little page button. When you will click on it then you will get several options. Option will be like: ability to draw, insert images, tag, and paste, create lists, create tables etc.

How to Work inside OneNote app:
(1) Capture: -  Its allow your desire thing whatever you want to write inside it. you write many types of note like handwritten notes, links, web-pages  gathered type and many others too. Even in this app You are free to embed pictures, videos etc. inside notes. You can add several tables to arrange all these and you can use rows and columns for different stuffs in different way. Advance Calculating options are also there. you are free to make chart sheet in many color here too. 
(2) Find: - In this app, you can find your notes very simply and easily. As you will type a Keyword then just your note will be opened. Feature of OneNote app is outstanding; it saves automatically all your written notes, picture or your attachment.
(3) Go: - you can access it everywhere as your requirement.  Your written note you can read by the use of Mobile, PC and sync.


Note: you can get this app from as above mentioned site or using Window Stores. It has different platforms in use like desktop, mobile etc.
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