May 23, 2013

How can do the process of moving all the files from iPhone to Android


As we are witnessing that there are so many Smartphone has came in market along with a new and unique features.  Some of these Smartphone like Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4 and HTC are best example. And these Smartphone are in malignity with each other for doing best.

According to the great features of Smartphone there are some iPhone users want to switch to these devices. The Android hold to be on top with hardware and the software specs.  So if you also want to shift your Android device from an iPhone but you are thinking about your stuff like the contacts, music, pictures and the other important files which is in your iphone now. Then don’t be sorrowful By This article i am going to make clear that how you can move the collection of the files from your iPhone to the Android phone.

Move your all the files from iPhone to Android

(1) Contacts files: - Contacts list is the first priority for all in phone which is really meaningful and no one want to lose it. Its because the stuff of entertainment comes after the contacts. The large list of contacts is easy to Move in the place of entering all the numbers again in phone. For this intention The Google account is best option for syncs it easily with the iPhone to Android phone. First you have to sync the iPhone with the Google account and after that you can transfer all the contacts then sync with Android.

(2) Calendars and Mails:- You can Smoothly Sync the application of the Cloud Calendar. The users  who use the iCloud calendars they can switch to the  easily. Even you can shift the events from the iCloud calendars to the Google calendars. For this  All the events that should be imported in publicly shared. This is for security concern. By the help of signing into the Google account now you can transfer to the Android phone.

(3) Music files: - For transfer of music files to the Android devices a best option is "Google music".  But it has a disadvantage that this is still not available in all countries. You can download Google Music Manager very easily on any Operating System and then you will be able to upload the music files. When these all files are uploaded, then you can play it on the Android device. It will save a lot of space on the mobile device but for play these file the active internet connection is required.

(4) Photos files: - For shift your photos there are so many different ways of syncing the photos. But the best option for upload photos on the Cloud services. But these files cannot be directly downloaded on the Android Smartphone. For download it you have to connect it via a USB to a computer and then from there you can copy the pictures over to the phone.

(5) Apps :-  This is the very important part of Smartphone its because in these day every files are dependent on a certain app. and there is a nice option to shift the all apps files from iphone to Androids and that is iOS. but iOS runs on iphone and not on Android. for make it possible you can download it from all the identical versions of the Android apps which you have already used in iphone. 

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