The latest and best 5 Gmail tips for power users

In these days there are no scarcity of different type of email providers, But instead of these Gmail is attracting the users towards self by its simple design, easy use facilities and many latest features. And by the help of this we are able to do so many task in our daily use of emails for our office purpose or with friends and family. it keep us up to date for any events or work.

In this article there is a vision of five 5 points of Gmail's latest and best features. And comprising very vastly adding appointments to the calendar,  advanced search feature for email and modification of your background image.

 5 Gmail tips for power users

(1). How can add events to your calendar
In any type of events like marriage anniversary,  birthday and for the meetings schedule, if you use Gmail to correlate above these. Then this is more nice news for you its because Google  has provide a feature of adding them without leaving Gmail.

When you add this calendar, then all dates and its times in emails emerge with underline. You can operate your schedule as your need. For change the title, date or time of any event just Click on "Add to Calendar". When you will get entry in your calendar will show a link back to original email, for make it easy.

This feature is latest and this type of feature was never seen anywhere. So Google will add some more language tools on it for more easy use.

(2). How can customize the background
When Gmail did broadcast its feature of redesign in November,  then it also presented that by the number of HD themes we can arrange and change Gmail background. But Now, if you want to customize it by yourself photos then it is possible now.

For add your own photos in Gmail's background, just click on the gear icon and choose "Themes" And by scrolling to the bottom of page and select either "Light" or "Dark" under "Custom Themes". And in next page, you can select a option for upload a photo from "My photos" in Google+, or from  your Android phone, or also by URL and upload from computer.

(3). How can start to use Google Drive to send big files
If you are unable to send a too large files by the email attachments then Google Drive provide a solution. the name of this feature is cloud storage feature. this feature is came before one year ago and it will allow to insert files up to 10GB, that is 400 times larger then old attachments type.

For make a attachment via Google Drive, firstly click on the Google Drive icon, and choose the file which you have to send. In this time Gmail will check your file type for access, and if they don’t, then it will instigate you for change the sharing settings, without leaving Gmail.

You have a Another option also :- At first Post the link to the Google Drive file in  your email body. and then Gmail will assure you about your attachments.

(4). How can use advanced search queries in Gmail
As we know that everyday can be received even many hundreds of emails, but find out of a certain email in these hundreds of emails make us panic sometimes. for solve this problem the use of Gmail's advanced query words is very helpful to quickly find whatever emails you want.

This latest query words Google has added a quick searches for a special size of file (just search "size: 5m" for a 5MB email) and for the email's age (just search "older_than:1y" for one year old email).

You can find the Gmail's list of operators from here:-list of operators 

(5). How can add multiple inboxes to Gmail
By the help of "Multiple Inboxes" from Gmail Labs you can add extra inbox lists of emails. This could be comprehend for example, the labels, the starred messages, and drafts or any other search whatever you want.

For enable this feature, go on Settings page by click on the gear icon, after that select "Labs" and  Find  "Add multiple inboxes" and when you get it then just click on "Enable"  option and now  "Save changes" at the bottom. after the save changes your Gmail page will refresh and will display you for example, your inbox, starred items and the drafts, all these on one page.

And for see your inboxes customization, have to return on settings page and just click the "Multiple inboxes" option. You are able to select up to five panes for add to your main inbox view. Even you can also select that how many conversations per inbox is done. 

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