How can increase the life of laptop battery in Windows 8


Windows 8 is most demanded and popular operating system; it is because of its touch-friendly interface. As we have already seen in many laptop and mobile phones that, we are using very nice and interesting app but due to its battery quality, we get irritate and compelled for charge its battery more frequently.

Improvements  in technology is going on vastly and we like it so much. but some of must needed thing we always ignore and that our causality make us very painful. For example As we always run towards the new features of any mobile or internet but the basic thing is our laptop or mobile's battery which we always  ignore. 

But dear users, now not need to be upset by the reason of battery of your laptop or mobile. its because by the nice features of Windows 8 we can increase our device's battery life by nicely operate.

Some interesting tips and tricks for windows 8
These given option are so much easy and interesting; you will see a major difference after nice use of these tips in your devices. This article is for extend the battery life of your laptop and mobile for a long period. let’s start,

Try these Valuable steps for Boost your device's battery life:

(1). At first Check your battery life                     
step 1

Windows 8 has provided easy way to keep an eye on your laptop battery, it doesn’t matter that which part of the OS you're using. there is the first place to look is the Lock screen on your system which shows your remaining charge and its time and date. And If you're on Start screen, then you will able to see the battery status by flicking the right-hand on the Charms bar. and when on the desktop, then just see it in the Taskbar.

(2). Now Adjust your screen brightness

Most of power in your mobile are used by the screens, so its necessary to make it very less bright. You can do this by bring up the Charms bar and select the 'Settings'. And Click on 'Screen' and then a bar will appears, where you can operate the brightness.

(3). Adjust Center settings of system

Windows 8 devices has very nice tool for optimizing and for change the setting. for get it just type mobility at Start screen and choose option of  'Settings'. now Click on 'Windows Mobility Center' for open the program. And  here you are able to convert a number of settings that will help in save device's battery life.

(4). Mute the volume of system's speakers

It doesn't require much power in work but for save the battery life of your system you can mute while you not using your speakers. By this change a very little part of battery power but this little part is very precious. And it is simple thing that if no need then no use.

(5). Change the power settings of laptop

As we know that Windows Mobility Center is ready to change laptop's power settings quickly and automatically. These are 'Balanced', 'Power saver' and 'High performance'. 'Power saver' reset the settings for a longer battery life, but it is of very low price for device's performance. 

(6). Make Advanced power settings

You can set the power settings by go on the Start screen and type in power. now Select 'Settings' and then 'Choose a power plan'Select the power plan whatever you want to edit, then select 'Change plan settings'. and just change as your wish.

(7). Create your own power plan

From the Power Options window you opened in step 6, you can also create a new power plan to suit your specific needs. Select 'Create a power plan' on the left-hand side of the window, then select a power plan to use as the basis of your new one. Give your new plan a name, then select 'Next'. Now you can adjust the settings to your liking. Once you've finished, click or tap 'Create'.
(8). More advanced settings

You have many ways here to change the power setting in windows 8. you can do it from the Power Options window, just click on 'Change plan settings' and after that select 'Change advanced power settings'.  this settings judge that when to turn off hard drive, how USB ports are still used and much more.

(9). Turn off wireless

If you are thinking that in wireless network power is not needed then you are wrong, it also require some power to achieve the connection. you should turn off Wi-Fi to save  battery power. you can change it by clicking right click option and Now click  on 'Settings', then 'Change PC settings'. Click on 'Wireless' and then change 'Wi-Fi' to 'Off' mode.

(10). Enjoy a better battery life

Dear users if you are really willing to save your battery life then just you should try to do above steps. Operate your system as directed then you will never feel the lack of charge.

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