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Now in this digital world everything is going to be digital but in some case the usefulness of document can't replaced by the any digital system. Its becouse of in many type of important paper and huge transaction are done by the help of digital media but for the proof paper work is must done.

But now there is so many features has came in  market by which we can sign anywhere in the digital paper also in pen hand writing. and by these features peoples get very relief to do so many work from home without going outside like during : transaction of many, traveling  document,  electric bill and others bills. its becouse by the help of computer and mobile we can attach our signatures in any document.

For know this app "HelloSign" is nice  example for us. HelloSign allows you to sign any type of document on Gmail address and also without install any additional software. Even it will not sent you on another website or another app. you can just operate it from gmail.

HelloSign is a Chrome extension for Gmail, so you can download it from the Web Store. After the installation, you will get a option beside an attachment as option “Sign”, and other are “View” and “Download”.

Note:  To install the HelloSign, Firefox user can go from here.

As we know HelloSign can open most document files, even PDF, MS Word and MS Excel files.

For sign an attached document, just click on the button of  “Sign”.  then it will open a pop-up box for load that file.

As the document loads,then there are given the HelloSign interface, with another four buttons on top. These buttons are direct us about the different type of files. During addition of signature or initials, you are able to add a check box,  also the date signed and a text box.

At first Drag the Signature or initials box wherever you want to insert the signature on the document. when you will drag then you will get a another window for choose how to add your signature.

for the new users,the best choice may be “Draw it in”, by which you can draw your signature by mouse. For use your initials, just select  “Type in signature” instead.

If your inserting signature file type is image then choose the option of “Add image file” or “Smartphone” from the menu panel. In below screenshot, here "draw my signature" are used by the mouse.

After that you can choose “Insert” or “Save & Insert Signature” option. the second option is very convenient  to save time and if you want to add it again anywhere.

If in any case your signature did not appeared on the specified area then you can drag the box to reposition or resize it.

Now just click on “Save and Attach to Email” option which is situated on the top right corner.

HelloSign is the best and easy feature for Gmail to signing documents. It’s very nice and needed app for people who want to sign a document without help of printer. By the help of this app the users can saves time, energy and resources which is very important for everyone's life.

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